The busiest time of the year for Amazon Sellers! There’s frenzy and chaos all around as you are trying to bring up sales and make your customers happy.  

In case you feel you are not fully prepared for the holiday season sale, check out these pointers we’ve put together for you.  


Optimize your product listings 

Check out the holiday lingo and relevant keywords that might work for your product. Improvise accordingly, and review the stats if it works well or not. Customize the description of the product if needed, and highlight key points on why it is relevant to the holiday season.  

Automate the product pricing 

Check the prices of similar sellers/brands and create custom pricing rules for your products. Automate competitively by setting maximum and minimum price limits for the products.  

Look out for ‘stacked discounts’ 

Ensure that your active coupons cannot be stacked together on a single ASIN. Otherwise, this would lead to a heavy discount, making the product sell too soon without much profit.

Set up Prime-Exclusive discounts 

Late to the party? Don’t worry, you can sell your online arbitrage deals in the sale by setting up coupons and prime exclusive discounts up to 6 hours before the start time.  

Stay updated with Seller Central 

Stay up-to-date with Seller Central for any Amazon industry updates or news that might be important. Keep checking your account for any updates such as account health warnings, product listing violations, etc.  

Recently, Amazon announced that it was mandatory to list three new attributes for an item from December 1st.  


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For more Amazon selling and ungating tips, keep coming here.