It is challenging to sell on Amazon. You have to be aware of every step and process involved in your business.

Managing returns is one important aspect that every Amazon seller needs to consider.

Following the steps below will allow you to reduce returns rather than neglect them.

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1. Focus on the product description: 

The product description is your point of contact with the buyer and a chance to show accurate detail about what you’re selling.

The more informed a buyer is about what they’re going to buy, the more chance they can make a purchase.

Use this opportunity to list out all the qualities of your product instead of focusing only on the SEO, keywords, Sales, And Marketing aspects.

Make sure that the fancy and attractive product description terms like “Amazing Product” are given by your happy customers of yours, not by yourself. 

Ensure, that you consider these things while providing your detailed description:

  • Product dimensions
  • Color variants
  • Materials used
  • Where the product was manufactured
  • Warranty information
  • Link to Return Policy
  • Answers to common FAQs

 By adding more relevant details to your product description, your customers will appreciate the transparency. 

2. Keep an eye on your product images: 

As we know, images are the point of attraction for the customer who tends to buy a product on amazon.

Customers who are visual approaches will immediately associate their purchase with the primary image you use for your product.

You need to include the exact dimensions of the product picture. This information can set the expectation for the customer so that they are not unpleasantly surprised by the physical attributes of your item.

These details are particularly useful for products that can vary in size, shape, and measurements such as clothing.

Here are a few things you need to include:

  • Images of all sides/angles of the product
  • Images that help contextualize the use of the product
  • Images that show the size of the product in relation to a person or item
  • Images of any important parts or accessories that are included 

3. Provide product & sizing guide :

Product and sizing guides are equally important in product returns. Consider your customers’ perspectives. It will make them continue to buy if the product is as accurate as of the picture.

It can help set expectations with customers if you provide a chart or guide to all of your products that are under similar brands but differ in size, shape, measurements, color, etc.

If possible, provide exact numerical values so that customers can measure the product variant themselves at home to determine which is most appropriate for them.

The shopping experience will be more exciting for customers. You can prevent confusion regarding the size of the product by adding a size chart.

You can also create a video that explains your product’s features and functionality.

If not, you can create a buyer’s guide which describes the functionality of your product through an infographic, chart, or table which helps your customers decide if it fits their requirements or not. 

4. Customer support :

A business’s success depends on meeting customer needs and providing customer service.

Make a live chat option available so shoppers can ask you questions about products in real-time. In addition to improving conversion rates, this will prevent customers from ordering items that are not suitable for their needs.

If the item does not meet the customer’s requirements, you have the option of suggesting another item or an add-on purchase make it better suit their needs. 

5. Consider Customer reviews :

Most customers purchase a product only after analyzing the reviews. Reviews play a vital role in customers’ buying decisions.

Customer reviews will often address common questions and issues that new customers may have regarding your product.

If you’ve identified negative issues that could lead to returns, address them right away before they turn into refunds.

Respond to negative reviews as soon as possible. The longer it sits there unaddressed, the more people will see it and be discouraged from making a purchase.

Finally, you need to consider every step and process while selling products on amazon. From choosing a profitable product to product return, your ultimate goal is not only to increase your sales and profit but also to satisfy your customers.

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Your product return on Amazon has now been reduced, right? If you sell products on Amazon, follow these steps to reduce product returns.