Selling on Amazon is getting competitive with the huge number of sellers trying to sell the same / similar products.

However, avoiding some common mistakes can help you move forward and be profitable.

With that, let’s analyze the mistakes that you need to avoid as an Amazon seller.



Customers are the key, whatever business you’re indulge in. Especially in Amazon, there are lot of efforts involved in attracting the customers.

One such thing that attracts your customer is your product description. Your products might not be visible to potential buyers if you are listing the products in incorrect product categories.

Remember, Amazon has certain algorithms in place to make the product search easier.

Since the product page is the only way you can communicate with your buyers, providing accurate product description is key.

Adding promotional content or freebies/discount details on product title or description is against Amazon guidelines.

More importantly, make sure you include relevant and targeted keywords, but avoid keyword stuffing.


Think like the customer, if you’re looking for the product, features, varieties, pricing and finally intend to make a purchase, it is out of stock.

Well, it’s surely a great loss for you, you’re losing a customer. Hence, carefully update the inventory status in the seller central account.

And, by being out of stock for your products, the product page is pushed towards the end of the search results and it will take some time to get back to your actual position.


Remember fulfillment impacts your reviews also. When you look at Amazon, their success also depends on 2-day shipping service for Prime members.

Customers trust their items will be delivered quickly, on-time, and without cost. This is often why a buyer chooses to buy from Amazon instead of other sites.

You can fulfill by yourself, however make sure you fulfill the orders as soon as possible. Also, you can opt for Amazon FBA, which will not only fulfill your orders, they will pick, pack, store and handle customer service also.


Don’t frustrate. Reviews are a great place where you can find ways to improve your business, even if it is a minor or huge mistake.

If you get negative product reviews on Amazon, take time to analyze the problem and acknowledge the customer.

When you get an enquiry about a product try to get back to them within 24 hours. Take the time to respond by doing so, you could regain the trust of that customer.

The best way to increase your customer reviews is to ask for them simply. But make sure you ask honest reviews, not for the compliments.


You’ll probably know driving Amazon traffic to your own eCommerce store is against the policies.

Be aware of all Amazon guidelines and keep yourself updated with it because those guidelines keep changing.

Violation of any guidelines can lead to account suspension and we don’t actually want it.


I know, restricted categories, those are scary and getting approval from Amazon is not easy.

Well, it is. But, you need to check the hidden benefits it has, like you other Amazon sellers also hesitate to sell restricted categories on Amazon.

Hence, it has less competition and look at the categories list those are really high demand categories.

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At The Funnel Guru, you need to choose the category that you desire to sell and they will make the work done by contacting you.

You don’t have to worry about the documents, invoices, just contact The Funnel Guru, the expert team simply gets you ungated in the restricted categories on Amazon.


Making mistakes are usual, however repeating the same mistakes, or not addressing the common mistakes makes you suffer.

Make sure you analyze your product page and information frequently that you provide not only on Amazon but also on other platforms, to avoid mistakes.

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