Although selling on Amazon can lead to new sales, it can also result in unwanted returns. Here’s how to handle Amazon returns when they happen.

Nobody wants to receive a refund notification from Amazon. Even the experienced Amazon sellers get returns now and then, it’s due to a change of mind.

Try not to take returns personally, and follow the best practices that we mentioned in the article.


Amazon return policy works differently than the Amazon Seller-Fulfilled policy, with FBA Amazon handles returns for you. Most of the time, Amazon will accept the return without asking any questions, unless the item is damaged, in such case they might ask the customer for photos.

Remember that buyers have up to 45 days to return items, even after they’ve received a refund. That means it is the buyer responsibility to send back the item and you can expect it to be back in stock within 45 days.


To protect your reputation as an Amazon Seller and handle the returns effectively, don’t forget to follow these best practices:


Once Amazon notifies you about the return, the buyer has 45 days to send the item back. So you need to keep the email to have a record of when the return was first initiated.

If you can’t find the email, you can also login to your Seller Central account and go to Reports at the top. Under that tab, select Fulfillment, and then Returns.


If the item was not returned within the 45-day limit, request reimbursement from Amazon.

There will be times that customers won’t send back items on time or Amazon thought that an item will not fit for resale. In that case, you can claim reimbursement for the product via your Amazon account.


It’s a great idea to contact customer who tend to return product, especially if they were unhappy with your product.

Contacting them directly for their negative experience, and offering a way to fix the problem helps reduce the chances of negative review.


As we know, in FBA Amazon handles everything for you. It’s a common human error where everyone can make mistakes.

Amazon warehouse workers are doing their job quickly, and that can end up your item going back to the shelves without proper inspection.

Have Amazon FBA return inventory back to you so you can inspect returned items before reselling. By doing this, you can able to reduce a lot of negative experiences happens to customers with your product.


Amazon makes it easy to see the reasons for returned items in your Seller Central account. With this information, you can get a good understanding of why customers are returning certain items and hence you can able to come up with the solution that customer wants.

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