If you’re selling successfully on Amazon or just started to sell on Amazon, if you don’t know the art of answering Amazon customer questions, you may be missing out the huge opportunity.

However, it’s never too late to answer Amazon customer questions in the product page. When customers post questions about a product on your page, they are looking for a quick and expert answer.

Before diving deep into the guide that provide you the best practices to answer to your customer enquiries, let’s get to know the importance of answering Amazon customer questions.



By answering customer questions, you will attract first-time buyers to your page. Customers who make purchases with you tend to have so many common questions, addressing those common questions will help you to attract more buyers.

It is crucial that you develop their trust in your business and your products. Customer reviews can help in some aspects, but answering their questions will help build that trust even more.

Addressing customer’s questions helps customers to trust your brand and it will exhibit the professionalism and expertise that you have which helps your audience to make a better decision.


Answering customer questions helps your business get valuable conversions. People won’t buy products if they aren’t sure about them. By answering customer questions, you help build trust in your audience.

You help them feel like your product is the best option for them. They will choose your product over the competition because they trust your knowledge and experience. It will generate more conversions for your business.

Answering questions can be the final push for your audience to convert. If the information they hear is positive, it convinces them to make a purchase.


When your audience asks questions and you answer them, there is a chance that you or your audience will use keywords. This can help improve the relevance of your page and help you rank better for other keywords.

You can use keywords that you haven’t used in your product listing page. This is a great opportunity for your product to appear in other keyword results. This allows you to reach more potential customers for your business.


Addressing questions help you to analyze the gaps that existed in your listing. If people are asking questions about your products, use that opportunity to review your product listing and see where you can improve.

These questions will help you understand how your audience thinks about your product. If you receive numerous questions about dimensions, you need to incur the details such as sizing information in your product listing.

When your audience asks questions, if your past clients can answer their questions., their responses are another chance for you to see where your products are succeeding. need improvement.


1. When you’re answering your audience’s questions, keep your answers short. Be specific and informative. Some people may have similar questions, while short response will help them get the valuable information.

2. If shopper asks questions, they are actually more likely and intend to make purchase of your product. Answering as quickly as possible gets them to think about your product more and consider converting.

3. While answering questions, remember that you’re representing your brand. You need to respond professionally no matter what the question is. You want to convey to your audience that you value their questions.

4. Don’t address the questions that are irrelevant to your listings. Amazon allows you to skip past questions that are irrelevant. Focus on valuable questions that add to the user’s experience or helps them decide to purchase your product.


Answering Amazon Customer Questions gives your business the opportunity to connect with your audience and know more about your audience.

Answering customer questions benefits your business because it helps you convert by instilling knowledge and confidence in your audience.

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