Connecting with customers on Amazon is quite difficult, especially during festive seasons like New Year’s Eve. However, utilizing every opportunity provided by Amazon is a vital aspect for an Amazon Seller.

Handling the customer queries in a mature way will show how professional you are. It will reflect on your sales as well. If you are a new seller on Amazon do you know how to handle customer queries effectively?

Read This Article To Build a Connect With Your Audience.


Can’t recognize what it is? There will be a few questions above the reviews section that are asked by your customers available on your listing.

The customers who bought that product earlier would answer those questions. More or less it is like a FAQ.

 The people who purchased that product earlier will receive a mail when some new customer raises a query.

Also, you will receive an email regarding the question. If you answer the question it will be labeled by Amazon as ” Answered By Seller “.

Although anyone can answer the question, it is an important task for you to answer those questions, as it reflects the minds of the audience. It is a great opportunity for you to interact with your customers.



Of course, during festival times the customers will not be interested in reading your long paragraphs. So make sure your answer is short and clear and to the point.

Your answer can be in one or two sentences with all the required information in it. Be specific and informative. People love to play with words. So reply in a casual tone.

However, ensure your answer is brief. Don’t give one-word answers like ” Yes or No “. Remember one thing. Your answers will be published publicly.  Your future customers will read it before making a buying decision.


You have 30 days time to answer a query. Even though you have enough time, try to answer the queries within a week.

Who knows? Maybe that question can act as a deciding factor for purchase. The faster you answer, the customer’s confusion will be solved and they may place an order quickly.


It is an unwritten rule that you should always act professionally when you’re dealing with Amazon. Have control over your emotions.

Be professional, but kind. Your answer should be in such a way that shows you care for your customers and value them.

While handling the Amazon customers keep in mind that your brand is also involved in it. If you handle them in a fruitful way it can improve the standard of your brand recognition.


 After all, you’re going to give short answers. So reply to the queries accordingly. Don’t go with template answers.

Be human while answering. Your customers should not feel that they are chatting with a bot. When you answer Amazon customer questions, you prove that they are indeed dealing with humans.

Give your answers in a personalized tone. Addressing them by their name will make your conversation more reliable. Give the answers in a polite, and professional manner.


All the questions are not the same. If you’re getting bored of answering repetitive questions, try to answer using different words.

You can make use of relevant keywords in your answers that you haven’t used in your title, and description. This can help improve your page’s relevancy which optimizes the SEO ranking of your product.


I know, you would’ve been tired this holiday season. The rush will be over after a few days of New Year’s Eve. Till that you have to manage things better.

In fact, you can get many new customers after this holiday season. In that case, you can use these ideas to handle your customer’s queries in an effective way.

If you can handle the Amazon customer questions in an efficient way it not only helps you to make a connection but also results in the conversion of customers.

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