It’s the New Year! And a new beginning too! So most of the customers prefer products that are eye-catchy and attract the customers. Are you interested in making your product look more attractive? Then you can play around with product photography.

Amazon product photography plays a vital role in increasing the sales of your product.  The first impression is the best impression. Images have the power to capture the buyer’s attention.

To make sure your listing hits the mark, we are sharing some essential tips for Amazon product photography in this article.



Amazon Product image guidelines say that the background of your product image must be pure white. Ensure your product background is plain and simple so that your product doesn’t get lost in the shot.

It’s best to use a white background for the main image and patterned or colored background for other images.


You’ll be aware of the fact that lighting is crucial for a perfect snap. Without proper lighting, your product or your background will not be clear.

Lighting options for product photography on Amazon include studio lighting and natural light. Choosing the right setup will depend on the product, the purpose of the picture, and the platform on which you’re advertising.

If you’re featuring edible items, people, or clothing, natural lighting can give you a perfect shot. Depending on the time of day, location, weather, etc., you could also use a combination of natural and artificial lighting.


If the product is smaller or can’t stand upright, consider adding a support item. Consider adding more creativity to your product photograph, and ensure the background is simple and does not distract from the product itself.

If the product is larger, like a bed or a sofa, add the support of a stylish interior or exterior. This will give the product a natural overall look.


You might have provided the details as bullet points in the description. But images speak more than words. So ensure all the minor details of your products are covered in the image.

You should take pictures of each important detail of your product so that even the most visual learners get the full picture of what your product offers.

Zoom in as much as possible with Amazon’s Zoom-In function. The zip, texture and other details need to be captured in close-up shots.

Use the macro mode on a professional camera to focus on small details. You should be cautious when using this mode because it may not suit your product.


Show your customers your product from a variety of angles by taking multiple shots. take snaps from different angles like, from above & below, front & back as well as sides. For wearable products add size charts.


A minimum 1000-pixel-long image on a white background with no watermarks, and at least 80% of the image area should be occupied by the product, are the requirements for Amazon listings.

You can save it as a JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or GIF. The color format should be RGB or CMYK.


If you effectively use Amazon product photography, you can grab the attention of numerous customers because it makes the first impression in your product listing. So follow these tips and enhance your listing this New Year. Innovation never fails.

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