Are you selling products on Amazon? Have you experienced any fall in the sale of your product? Do you know it may be due to the product reviews?

Do you know the role of product reviews in increasing your sales? In this blog, I’ve explained to you everything you need to know about Amazon product reviews.

What are Amazon product reviews?  

If you sell a product on Amazon, it enables the customers to leave reviews on your product, services, shipping, or delivery.

The reviews can be positive or negative. It can praise your product or condemn it. Also, if an Amazon customer agrees with someone’s review, they can vote it with Amazon helpful votes.

This will bring a review to the top of the product review column. Also, they can add the images of the product you received.

This will give the fellow customers, a clear knowledge of the product.

Importance  of product reviews :   


Reviews are the reflection of the customer’s mind. If you want to know about the change in trends and taste of the audience, you should go through the reviews of your product.

Also, you can make necessary changes in your product, according to the preferences of the customers.


Reviews are powerful weapons that can alter a person’s buying decision. A study says, nearly 70% of people read the reviews of a product before making a purchase.

So, when you do business on Amazon, you have to make sure that the positive reviews are displayed on the first page of the reviews column.

Sometimes, your competitors may create a bad impression by upvoting Amazon negative reviews for your product. But it is mostly considered to be unfair.


In most cases, the customers see reviews as social proof. They believe the words of fellow customers, rather than the seller.

The create sales opportunity for the Amazon sellers. More than convincing people whether the product is worth buying or not reviews also serve as social proof for determining what to think about a certain product on Amazon.

Your Amazon customers will watch how you respond to the reviews. This will add confidence to them on your service for the product.

So never forget to maintain the reviews page of your Amazon product in a healthy condition.

Most people will see the reviews that are displayed on the first page. So make efforts to bring the positive reviews that are of quality content to the first page.

This can be done by upvoting them. If you like to increase the Amazon helpful vote for a particular review, you can give it a try to The Funnel Guru Amazon Vote.

Do you know why I’m stressing you to upvote the positive reviews on Amazon? The answer is below.

Needs to upvote the amazon positive reviews:

  • It creates an impression that your Amazon product is of superior quality.

  • Generally, 30 to 50 Amazon helpful votes can bring a review to the first page.

  • If the Amazon votes of good reviews increase, the negative reviews will be pushed to the second page or to the end of the first page.

  • 90% of Amazon customers will see the reviews that are on the first page.

 I’ll also brief you on some ways to remove the negative reviews or hide them.

 2 Simple tricks to hide your amazon product’s negative reviews:  

  • You can upvote the good reviews by increasing the Amazon helpful votes with the assistance of trusted services like The Funnel Guru Amazon Vote.

  • Push down the negative reviews by bringing improvement in your product quality and by assuring 100% guaranteed results.

 I guess you could’ve earned clear knowledge about Amazon product reviews and how to use it as your marketing tool.