Do you want to start your own online business? Do you want to take advantage of Amazon’s enormous potential? You’ve come to the right place! Amazon provides an array of categories in which you can start your business adventure, and the greatest thing is that some of these categories are unrestricted. What does this mean? It means you can start selling in these categories without having to go through a lengthy application process. In this blog article, we will look at the top ten Amazon ungated categories that might help you get started with your Amazon business. So, take a cup of coffee and prepare to explore the world of e-commerce! 


Recent figures: 

Before we get to the exciting part, let’s look at some recent figures that demonstrate Amazon’s phenomenal growth: 

  • Amazon has around 200 million unique monthly visitors in the United States alone as of 2021. 
  • Amazon’s net revenue for 2025 is expected to reach $486 billion (about $1,500 per person in the US), representing a considerable rise over the previous year. 
  • Third-party merchants account for more than half of all Amazon sales. 
  • Amazon Prime now has more than 300 million subscribers globally. 
  • The COVID-19 epidemic hastened e-commerce expansion, and Amazon has seen an increase in demand at this time. 

With these outstanding figures, it’s evident that Amazon is an ideal environment for entrepreneurs like you to develop a profitable online business. 


Now, Let’s Explore The Top 10 Amazon Ungated Categories: 

1. Home and Kitchen:

Amazon’s Home and Kitchen category is quite popular. It comprises a diverse range of things such as kitchen equipment, home decor, bedding, and furniture. With an ever-increasing desire for distinctive and functional household products, this area provides vendors with limitless opportunities. 

The “Home and Kitchen Category” is a popular Amazon sector where you can find a large selection of home and kitchen products. Furniture, appliances, kitchenware, home décor, and other items are included. 

As one of the top ten ungated categories, you can quickly start selling products in this area as a new Amazon seller without requiring any special permission or approval from Amazon. This makes it an excellent alternative for new sellers who need to get up and running quickly. 

The Home and Kitchen Category is frequently suggested for rookie sellers since it has a strong client demand. Many people buy home and kitchen supplies on Amazon, so your products have a wide potential customer base. 

Furthermore, the category has demonstrated data on seller success. It has a proven track record of delivering high income and profits for numerous Amazon sellers. This means that if you offer products in the Home and Kitchen Category and properly promote them, you have a better chance of expanding your company income and finding success on the platform. 

Of course, success on Amazon is dependent on a variety of things, including product selection, price, marketing methods, and customer service. While the Home and Kitchen Category might be an excellent choice to start, it is critical to properly study and plan your business to maximize your chances of success. 


2. Health and Personal Care:

With an increased emphasis on personal well-being, Amazon’s Health & Personal Care sector has witnessed enormous development. This area offers a substantial potential for businesses, ranging from vitamins and supplements to skincare and personal care items. 

“Health and Personal Care” is an Amazon category where you can find a wide selection of products linked to personal well-being and self-care. Vitamins, skincare products, workout equipment, and a variety of other items that individuals use to preserve their health and look fall into this category. 

Being one of the “Top 10 Amazon ungated categories” indicates that it is one of the most popular and profitable categories for new sellers. “Ungated” signifies that no special licenses or approvals are required to sell products in this category. This is fantastic news for new sellers since it means they can start selling these products right away with no further barriers. 

Choosing to sell in the “Health and Personal Care” category might be a wise business decision due to its track record of success. Because many individuals are concerned about their health and looks, there is a significant demand for products from this area. This increased demand can end up in more sales and better income for sellers. 

It is crucial to highlight, however, that success on Amazon is dependent on a variety of criteria such as product quality, competitive price, marketing methods, and customer satisfaction. While the “Health and Personal Care” area has development potential, sellers must conduct research, understand their target demographic, and give outstanding customer service to stand out in the competition. 

Overall, because of its popularity and strong demand for products from this area, starting your Amazon sales in the “Health and Personal Care” category can be a terrific way to enhance your business revenue. 


3. Sports and Outdoors:

Fitness aficionados, outdoor adventurers, and sports fans will like the Sports and Outdoors category. This area offers a vast selection of products to cater to a diversified customer base, ranging from exercise equipment and camping gear to sportswear and accessories. 

Amazon’s “Sports and Outdoors” category has a wide selection of products relating to sports, outdoor activities, and fitness. It is one of the top ten unrestricted categories, which means that new Amazon sellers can start selling products in this area without requiring special approval. 

Selling in the “Sports and Outdoors” category can be advantageous for new Amazon sellers for a variety of reasons. For starters, it’s a prominent and in-demand industry, which means there are a lot of people eager to acquire sports and outdoor-related things. This provides vendors with a bigger pool of prospective customers to target. 

Furthermore, the sports and outdoor business has shown sustained expansion throughout the years. People are becoming more interested in fitness, outdoor excursions, and sporting goods. This tendency is projected to continue, providing sellers with a profitable opportunity. 

New sellers can get into this burgeoning industry and potentially increase their business earnings by starting their Amazon sales in the “Sports and Outdoors” category. There are countless success stories of Amazon sellers who have achieved outstanding success by selling sports and outdoor products. 

It’s vital to understand that success on Amazon necessitates more than just selecting the appropriate category. To differentiate themselves from the competition, sellers must conduct rigorous market research, select profitable products, optimize their product listings, and successfully advertise their offerings. Beginning in the “Sports and Outdoors” category, on the other hand, may give sellers a solid platform and access to a wide customer base, enhancing their chances of success. 


4. Baby:

Parents are constantly on the search for high-quality products for their children. Amazon’s Baby category offers baby care supplies, toys, apparel, and more. This category is well-known for its consistent demand and devoted customer base. 

The “Baby” category on Amazon, in layman’s terms, refers to a special sector where sellers can list and sell products about infants and parenting. It’s regarded as one of the top ten categories for new Amazon sellers since it’s profitable and has an extensive customer base. 

When we refer to “ungated” categories, we imply that sellers do not require special permission or approval from Amazon to start selling in that category. In other words, anyone can join and start selling baby-related things. 

Choosing the “Baby” category as a starting point for Amazon sales can be beneficial for several reasons. To start with, the baby products industry is rather large, with a strong demand for a variety of products such as diapers, baby outfits, toys, strollers, and so on. This suggests that there are a lot of people who want to buy these things on Amazon. 

Second, the infant market is more solid and constant than other segments. Because parents and carers always want supplies and items for their newborns, demand is reasonably stable. This consistency might assist new sellers in establishing a consistent revenue stream for their business. 

Furthermore, the “Baby” category has already shown positive outcomes in terms of sales and profitability. Many Amazon sellers have had tremendous success selling baby products. This indicates that if you pick this category and offer excellent products, you will have a strong chance of attracting customers and boosting your company’s income. 

It is important to remember, however, that success on Amazon necessitates more than just selecting the appropriate category. To differentiate themselves from the competition and increase their business earnings, sellers must consider elements such as product quality, price, customer service, and efficient marketing. 

In conclusion, the Amazon “Baby” category is a popular choice for new sellers since it offers a diverse selection of products with steady demand. It has previously been profitable, although success ultimately depends on criteria other than category selection. 


5. Pet Supplies:

Pet owners are dedicated to giving their animals the finest care possible. Pet food, grooming products, toys, and accessories are all included in the Pet Supplies category. As the popularity of pets grows, this area represents a promising market for Amazon sellers. 

Simply said, “Pet Supplies” is one of the main Amazon ungated categories where sellers can offer pet-related products such as pet food, toys, grooming supplies, and more. 

When we say it’s an “Amazon ungated” category, we imply that new Amazon sellers can quickly start selling in it without having to meet numerous restrictions or prerequisites. This is advantageous for fresh entrepreneurs since it allows them to enter the market fast and effortlessly. 

“Pet Supplies” is a profitable sector because of the strong demand for pet-related products. Many individuals have dogs and wish to give the greatest care and products for them. This creates a large market in which sellers could potentially generate a lot of sales and produce a lot of money. 

The verified statistics are the reason why this area can help a new seller’s business income increase. In other words, data and proof is demonstrating that sellers in the “Pet Supplies” category have increased their sales and earned more money. This suggests that there is a genuine chance for new sellers to enter this market and achieve comparable success. 

New sellers can draw in pet owners who are actively seeking things to improve their pets’ life by starting their Amazon sales in the “Pet Supplies” category. This might result in a considerable rise in sales, increasing their entire business revenue. 

It is crucial to highlight, however, that success in any category necessitates thorough research, competitive pricing, efficient marketing techniques, and the provision of high-quality products and customer service. While “Pet Supplies” can be a successful category, sellers must still put forth the effort and take the required measures to stand out and thrive in the competitive Amazon marketplace. 


6. Office Products:

The Office Products category includes a diverse range of products such as stationery, office furniture, technology, and more. The demand for office supplies has expanded as remote work and internet businesses have grown in popularity, making it a good market to investigate. 

“Office Products” is one of the top Amazon ungated categories where sellers can start selling and potentially make a lot of money. When we say “Office Products,” we mean a wide range of products that individuals use at offices or for their jobs, such as pens, paper, printers, desks, and so on. 

Amazon has several categories, with “Office Products” being one of the most popular. It’s a wonderful area for new sellers because there are a lot of customers that buy these types of things regularly. Many people, whether they work in a typical office or from home, require office supplies. 

When a category is marked as “ungated,” it signifies that new sellers can readily begin selling products in that category without any limits or prerequisites. Certain categories on Amazon are gated, which means sellers must fulfill specified requirements or go through a procedure to sell in those areas. However, with “Office Products,” new sellers can immediately begin offering their things for sale. 

The fact that “Office Products” has verified figures makes it a useful category for new sellers. This signifies that numerous sellers in this category have made sales and earned cash. Because office supplies are in high demand, sellers can contact a big customer base and potentially generate a lot of sales. 

So, if you’re a new Amazon seller and decide to offer “Office Products,” you have the opportunity to expand your business rapidly and profitably. To attract customers, just do research, identify popular and in-demand goods within the category, and give excellent customer service. 


7. Electronics:

Electronics are constantly in high demand, and Amazon’s Electronics department is no exception. This category includes a wide range of products that appeal to tech-savvy users, ranging from smartphones and laptops to headphones and smart home gadgets. 

Amazon’s “Electronics” category contains a variety of electronic devices such as cellphones, computers, headphones, cameras, and other gadgets. It is one of the top ten unrestricted categories, which indicates that new Amazon sellers can begin selling products within this area without requiring special Amazon approval. 

Choosing “Electronics” as an Amazon sales category could be a terrific possibility because it has shown to be popular with shoppers. Many individuals are interested in acquiring electrical equipment online, and Amazon is a reliable platform for doing so. 

Because of the tremendous demand for such products, selling electronics on Amazon has the potential to increase your business earnings. People are continuously seeking the latest gadgets or replacements for their old equipment, so this sector has a continual flow of customers. 

Furthermore, Amazon has an enormous customer base, which means your products will be seen by millions of people. This increases your chances of earning sales and increasing your business dramatically. 

To give you an indication of the possibilities, data reveal that one of the top-selling categories on Amazon is electronics. Plenty of sellers have found success and made a lot of money in this sector. 

However, it is vital to highlight that selling electronics might be difficult due to the large number of sellers providing comparable products. To succeed, you must give good customer service, competitive pricing, and maybe unique or specialized items. 

In conclusion, selecting the “Electronics” category on Amazon might be a profitable possibility for new sellers. It is a popular and in-demand category with a track record of producing significant money. You can boost your chances of success in this area by selling products of superior quality, providing excellent customer service, and being competitive in the market. 


8. Home Improvement:

Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts will like the Home Improvement category. Power tools, lighting fixtures, home security systems, and other items are included. With individuals investing more in their houses, this segment has grown significantly. 

“Home Improvement” is an Amazon ungated category where you can find products for upgrading and enhancing your house. It comprises tools, furniture, appliances, decorations, and other items. 

When we say it’s one of the “Top 10 ungated categories,” we imply it’s a popular category in which new Amazon sellers can start selling without requiring special Amazon permission. This is fantastic since it allows sellers to rapidly post their products and start making sales. 

“Skyrocketing business revenue” suggests that sellers may make a lot of money by selling in the Home Improvement sector. People are always seeking for products to improve their houses, thus this is a successful market. Sellers can boost their sales and make a lot of money if they use suitable products and tactics. 

When it comes to “proven stats,” it implies there is data and proof to suggest that selling in the Home Improvement area can be profitable. Many sellers have generated large sales and revenue in this area, and their success stories demonstrate that it’s a smart place to start. 

Overall, if you’re a new Amazon seller and choose to sell in the Home Improvement area, you’ll have a decent chance of generating money and building your business because it’s a popular category with a large number of potential customers. 


9. Beauty and Personal Care:

Amazon has a sizable market for beauty and personal care products. Cosmetics, skincare goods, hair care products, and other products are included in this area. As the cosmetics business grows, this area presents fantastic potential for sellers. 

“Beauty and Personal Care” is one of the top Amazon ungated categories where you can sell personal grooming, skincare, cosmetics, and other things that help individuals take care of themselves and improve their looks. 

Being included as one of the “Top 10 Amazon ungated categories” signifies that it’s a popular area where new sellers can start their company without special clearance or authorization. This is fantastic news since it enables new sellers to quickly and simply start selling products in this area without any further barriers. 

Selling in the “Beauty and Personal Care” category can be advantageous for novice Amazon sellers because data suggest that it can assist catapult their business earnings. 

Here are some of the reasons: 

  • High Demand: People are constantly seeking products that will help them look and feel their best. The beauty and personal care sector is continually expanding, and these sorts of products are in high demand. This indicates that you have a vast customer base eager to buy what you’re selling. 
  • Wide Range of Products: This area includes a wide range of products, such as skincare, hair care, cosmetics, perfumes, and more. This diversity allows sellers to select from a wide range of items to find what best matches their business and customers. 
  • Repeat Purchases: Many cosmetics and personal hygiene products are consumable or require regular refills. For example, someone who purchases face cream or shampoo will eventually run out and will need to repurchase. Customers frequently return for more, providing sellers with an ongoing income stream. 
  • Profit Margins: Beauty and personal care products are frequently profitable. This implies that sellers can receive a reasonable amount of money for each product sold, allowing them to turn a profit. 

You can tap into a flourishing industry and attract a huge number of customers by starting your Amazon sales in the “Beauty and Personal Care” category. To stand out from the competition and maximize your business revenue, undertake rigorous research, identify distinctive products or niches within the category, and give outstanding customer service. 


10. Arts, Crafts, and Sewing:

The Arts, Crafts, and Sewing area caters to those who are creative and appreciate DIY projects. It has art supplies, handicraft materials, sewing machines, and additional products. This sector has a loyal customer base that is continuously looking for innovative and inventive products. 

“Arts, Crafts, and Sewing” are an Amazon ungated categories that contain a variety of products relating to art, crafting, and sewing. It is regarded as one of the top ten unrestricted categories, which indicates that new Amazon sellers can quickly start selling products in this area without requiring special approval. 

So, what makes it such a popular choice for new sellers? The arts, crafts, and sewing business, on the other hand, is fairly large and diversified, giving a diverse selection of products that people are interested in purchasing. Paints, brushes, canvases, sewing machines, knitting materials, and additional products are included. 

One of the primary benefits of selling in this area is that these products are in great demand. Many individuals like artistic pursuits such as crafting and sewing as hobbies or for the creation of one-of-a-kind homemade things. As a seller, you can get into this market and provide products that people are actively looking for and eager to purchase. 

Also, Amazon’s arts, crafts, and sewing sector has demonstrated success. Several sellers have already seen considerable income growth by selling products in this area. This suggests that new sellers have a decent chance of entering the market and establishing a profitable business. 

New Amazon sellers can capitalize on the current demand and popularity of arts, crafts, and sewing products by selecting this category. It enables businesses to promote their distinctive products, attract an extensive customer base, and perhaps improve business income. 

It is crucial to remember, however, that success on Amazon is dependent on a variety of criteria, including product quality, competitive price, successful marketing, and excellent customer service. To stand out from the competition and accomplish their intended sales growth, new sellers must conduct comprehensive research, understand their target demographic, and deliver outstanding products and services. 


Final Thoughts: 

Consider researching these top ten unrestricted categories as you start your Amazon business adventure. Remember that success comes from producing products of outstanding quality, knowing your target audience, and providing excellent customer service. You can turn your entrepreneurial aspirations into a flourishing online business with Amazon’s massive reach and the correct technique. So, start thinking of ideas, researching your selected area, and take the first step towards establishing your Amazon empire! Read The Funnelguru blog to clear up any confusion about category ungating and selling on Amazon.