Account health is something every Amazon seller should care about. Your account’s health determines your account’s reputation. You can sell a product or ungate them, only when you have a healthy seller account on Amazon.

However, many sellers don’t have a clear picture of Amazon account’s health. So, I’ve explained it in this blog.

What is Amazon Account Health?

Customer satisfaction is crucial for Amazon, so it monitors seller accounts to ensure they meet these standards. As a result, selling with Amazon FBA involves adhering to certain policies and guidelines.

There is a page called “Account Health” in your Amazon Seller Central account that keeps track of your compliance with Amazon policies and performance targets.

AHR considers different factors, such as the number of unresolved policy violations on your account at any given time. When a seller is off-target, Amazon will notify him. These regular reviews help sellers improve their performance.

Steps to check Amazon Account Health :

  • This is the path to check your account health:

Seller Central > Performance Menu > Account Health

 The Account Health page provides an overview of how you’re doing in regard to Amazon’s performance targets and policies. There are three columns on the account health page:

  • Customer Service Performance:  

Order Defect Rate is the metric for measuring customer service performance.

  • Product Policy Compliance:

This section has a long list of policies, besides the AHR, which has three different stats: Good, Critical, or At-Risk. If the AHR is “Critical” or “At-Risk,” then your account is not compliant with the APR.

  • Shipping Performance:

In this column, you can see the late shipment rate, cancellation rate, and valid tracking rate. You are only responsible for shipments you send out.

Metrics to check your Amazon Health Account for FBA Sellers:

These metrics are generally important to look at when viewing your account health page

1.   Order Defective Rate

Your ability is measured by this metric based on the last 60 days. ODR covers factors such as successful A-to-Z claims, negative feedback, and credit card chargebacks. Sellers need all of these numbers to be under 1% in order to achieve a satisfactory ODR.

 2. Return Dissatisfaction Rate

Receiving negative feedback can affect this metric (Negative Return Feedback Rate). RDR can increase if you don’t respond to a return request within 48 hours (Late Response Rate) or deny it (Invalid Rejection Rate). You should keep this metric below 10%.

3. Late Dispatch Rate

Keeping the Late Dispatch Rate (LDR) under 4% will prevent sellers from getting a warning or facing suspension. Shipping confirmations for orders that were posted after the expected ship date comprise this metric. Shipping time frames range from 10 to 30 days.

4. Invoice Defective Rate

The Amazon Business invoicing policy requires sellers to provide a downloadable VAT invoice (or a receipt) within one business day of shipping confirmation. A lower than 5% invoice error rate is required.

Metrics to check your Amazon Health Account for FBM Sellers:

Some metrics are applicable only to Amazon FBM sellers. They are,

1. Cancellation rate

It is measured how many cancellations occurred during the last seven days. The seller can initiate a cancellation, in which case it will count. Cancellations by customers do not count. CR is expected to remain below 2.5%.

2. On-time delivery rate

This metric should remain above 97%, according to Amazon. OTDRs represent the percentage of a customer’s total order at the estimated delivery date.

3. Valid tracking rate

Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) measures the percentage of orders with a valid tracking number. It should stay above 95% to ensure success.

Ways to improve your Amazon Account’s Health:

While sourcing your inventory list, you should avoid violating any of Amazon’s rules. If you violate or fail to meet any of these metrics, they will be listed on your Account health page. You have to keep an eye on them. Like your body, your Amazon account also needs a complete health checkup frequently.

The listing violations will not be removed from your Account Health page if you delete or close a listing from your inventory. You have to resolve each violation successfully.

Reasons behind the suspension of Amazon account : 

  • Multiple Seller Accounts to Sell Similar Product

  • Selling Restricted Products without approval

  • Creating New Account After Suspension of Old Account

  • Not Meeting Performance Metrics

As an Amazon seller, you have to ensure that you have a healthy seller account. It is essential to maintain the account to have an easy ungating process.

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