In order to eliminate hurdles that sellers face, Amazon has already taken many steps. Currently, it has introduced another service to help brands and professional sellers.

Read this blog to know more about this new Amazon Creative Service. This blog is inspired from Amazon’s news article published on May 16, 2022.

Amazon has just launched a new service to cut down the tasks of its sellers. Now you need not search or create any innovative images and videos for your brands and products. Just get it done with the help of Amazon creative services.

How It Will Be Useful To You?

Create policy-compliant and impactful assets with Amazon creative services by discovering, comparing, and booking directly with trusted service providers. Browse reviews, and samples of work, and connect directly with the service provider of your choice through the advertising console, searching and filtering services based on your requirements.

Amazon has started the Amazon creative services for brands and professional sellers who are in need of high-quality custom assets but may not have the time or design resources to start it.

Advertising agencies and advertisers who need high-quality custom assets but lack the time, design resources, or knowledge can take advantage of creative services.

How To Grab This Service?

If you’re a professional seller registered for advertising, you can search and filter for creative services based on your requirements, browse reviews and work samples, and connect with the provider of your choice, all within the advertising console. 

Creative services currently offer four service categories such as:

  • video creation and editing,
  • image creation and editing,
  • Store building,
  • Translation

 You can visit creative services if you’re already registered for advertising or register for Amazon Ads to get started.

Why It Is Important?

A customer’s desire to discover and shop with brands that speak to their needs wants and values are 4.5x greater when they think the brand has a strong purpose. A brand’s story can be told and built through rich media, such as lifestyle imagery and video. Our creative services fit your budget, style, and schedule to elevate your brand’s visual presence on Amazon.

Selling a product on Amazon is not an easy task. You have to concentrate on the Product’s quality, advertise them, have an eye on the storage, and delivery, and so on. In this busy schedule, you have to get approval to sell your products if they are gated by Amazon. Imagine getting rejected after all these efforts!!

Are you tired? Just reach out to The Funnel Guru and give us the required details. We’ll get your products ungated in just 24 hours. No more fears of restrictions or rejections.

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