The  Christmas season is on the horizon.  It’s a hectic time for the Amazon Sellers, as they have to manage everything, including taking orders, packing, shipping, delivering, and handling the customer returns.

To manage this and shoot up your sales The Funnel Guru has listed out 6 proven tips for you.

1. Offer Free Shipping   

Providing free shipping is a power card. However, it is not an effective way to target some customers like Amazon prime Members who already have free shipping.

But if you are selling small items like jewelry, books, utensils, etc,  providing free shipping during Christmas is an attractive way to grab the customer’s attention.

2. Provide Holiday Discount   

Definitely, you can’t see a person who says no to spending a little money on getting more products. Discounts are very common during Christmas. But it reflects your approach towards the customers.

But most of the Amazon Sellers make a blunt mistake. They’ll provide a choice between free shipping and discounts for the products.

It will confuse the customers and they will not be aware of the money they could save from free shipping. So always fix anyone with your audience in mind.

3. Promote Certain Products   

 Switching to Amazon Sponsored Ads is a better decision to cut your costs as well as promote your products on Amazon. You can just pay per click on your ad.

If you plan a strategy according to your product and implement this perfectly, you can witness a tremendous increase in sales, particularly at Christmas time.

The major thing you’ve to concentrate on is choosing products. People prefer buying popular brands at discounted rates. But many of the popular brands are restricted by Amazon.  

It is where The Funnel Guru will assist you. Our experts are ready to get approval for any of your products within 24 hours at a reasonable price. Reach out today.  

4. Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, and Down-Sell   

 Most of the Amazon Sellers are familiar with these three terms, but do you know the in and outs of these on your business? 

  •  Cross-Sell: Place two different products that work relying on one another, like featuring air buds with an MP3 player. 

  •  Up-Sell:  Push more expensive products, so that the customers will have a feeling that they are spending on the products that are worth the money. For example, you can point out at the European bed sheets that they last longer than the normal ones.

  •  Down-Sell:  Keep this as a last option. Because in this case, you will sell the products at a minimal price just to push sales. Of course, you’ll acquire new customers. But you need not compromise on the price margin too much.

5. Win The Buy Box   

You know what? Amazon will look for one major factor before awarding the buy box to a seller. Do you know what it is? It is how a seller manages to keep a certain item in stock.   

 If you run out of orders regularly you can’t win the Buy Box. But it will play a major role in making you stand out during the Christmas season.  

6.  Package Products Together at a Reduced Rate   

Though you ensure your inventory remains at sufficient levels at Christmas time, you need not be left with many items.

To make the deal more interesting, offer the package of items at a discounted rate. Also, make sure to tell the buyers that they can save a huge amount this way instead of buying things separately. 

Also, sell restricted products on Amazon without any hassle, by ungating them with The Funnel guru.