The world has shrunk as smartphones. People are bored of visiting stores and doing shopping all day. Now they have changed to e-commerce sites like Amazon. While some customers still shop brick-and-mortar for the holidays, online stores have seen significant growth over the past few years — and we predict to see this continue in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Considering the traffic of online shoppers, Amazon Sellers should start preparing for Cyber Monday, months before the day takes place. You know something? Nearly 30% of total Amazon sales are made on Cyber Monday alone  .


This year has been full of twists and turns, but what we do know is that Amazon is here to stay. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan for Cyber Monday 2021.

1. Increased sales:  

As the covid cases are increasing, online sales have continued to soar. With more digital sales come more digital expectations. As you plan for Cyber Monday, be sure to reevaluate your Amazon product page to make sure you have an optimal experience for your customers.

Plus, more traffic means more orders, so make sure to have your order fulfillment process set. Taking up Amazon FBA is a smarter decision, as you need not take up the tension of packing, customer returns, and refunds.

2. Reach new customers:   

With more traffic towards Amazon, it’s a great time to tap into new demographics. As you build out your marketing strategies, don’t just spend money targeting a small circle of customers.

Rather, brainstorm the ways to engage and tap further into a wider audience. What do they value? Which product attracts them more?

Understanding your customers will help you guess their preferences and win big this Cyber Monday.

3. More competition:    

With a majority of sales moving online this year, competition has never been stronger. As you plan for Cyber Monday, think about how you can set yourself apart from competitors.

Can you provide a better shopping experience? Are your products of reliable rates? Drive your selling points home in creative ways via product descriptions.


1.  Create gift guides by price-point:   

Holiday shoppers are more knowledgeable to find the best deals, and they also have an estimate of the money they want to spend on gifts.

Provide gift guides that segment gifts based on price range so they can easily find options within their budget.

2. Spend On Sponsored Ads:

Consider increasing your spending on Sponsored ads this year to optimize your digital ranking on Amazon. Take it a step further by personalizing your customer segments and targeting new customer segments to expand your reach and sales.

3. Consider Selling Top Brands:

When you sell top brands at genuine discounted rates, you can find a lot of traffic for your product. Also, top brands are trending in the market. So, you need not spend much on sponsored ads.

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