When it comes to Amazon Sales, a seller can purchase and sell in two different categories. They are divided into gated and ungated products. The vendor can simply sell ungated products on Amazon.

When it comes to gated categories, the product must first be ungated before it can be sold. After unlocking the product, the seller may begin selling it on Amazon.

Here are seven fascinating facts that every seller should be aware of.

1. What exactly are Amazon’s ungating services? 

Third-party sellers or companies that specialize in helping you in unlocking product categories on the Amazon marketplace that you are now unable to sell are known as Amazon ungating services.

If you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while, you’re well aware that being able to sell more products on Amazon actually leads to more money.

Most sellers will start their Amazon sales adventure with ungated items since they are simple to sell and require no ungating service. They will eventually move to gated categories and sell them to make a large profit. They will then look for a professional ungating provider.

2. Why is it so tough to get ungated for particular categories in the first place? 

Amazon’s business took tremendous days to establish, and it was based on the principle of giving persistent and unrelenting good customer service.

However, after all these years, a huge number of sellers have registered on Amazon, and the standard of quality must be maintained.

Amazon must uphold its standards, thus they intentionally exclude sellers from selling in categories that pose a larger threat to their brand or a bigger risk to the customers who are all buying.

3. What are some of the most popular ungated categories for sellers? 

This is a subjective and relative question based on your sales approach and business management skills.

If we told you that books were a very profitable category to sell in, but you went out and spent a lot of money on books that won’t sell. Every category is profitable in our opinion, but you should understand one before moving on to the next.

Some unrestricted categories you could sell on Amazon are: 

  • Books (Non – Collectibles)

  • Camera & Photo.

  • Cell Phones & Accessories.

  • Home & Garden.

4. Why are Amazon’s ungating services so costly? 

It is a challenging process since it is sometimes as simple as applying, but most of the time getting ungated for categories on Amazon is really complex because it takes Amazon services representatives, invoices delivered, and so on.

To answer this question briefly, it is a difficult task since it requires a significant amount of time and effort.

5. What does it take for me to do it on my own? 

Yes, you can manually ungate the product category. But it requires a lot of your time and your dedication.

When you mature your account, Amazon generally gives sellers additional categories, and it’s critical to keep your account healthy by ungating yourself from categories.

6. Is it possible for me to sell anything in that category once I’m ungated? 

No. It isn’t possible.

You may need to be ungated in a subcategory besides being ungated in a category. For example, even if you are ungated in Music, you will almost certainly need to be ungated in Popular Music as well to grow in this area fully.

A secondhand Chain Smokers CD is probably sellable, but a popular movie soundtrack may not be.

Apart from sub-category restrictions, there are also:

  • Brands restricted inside that category (think Toys and then Lego)

  • Restriction of conditions (you can sell used but not New)

  • Hazardous or hazardous materials (think outdoor but not camping)

7. Do you have any suggestions for Amazon ungating services?

Yes. We have The Funnel Guru, which offers ungating services for all categories within a single day. Visit our blog to know more about us.