Amazon sellers are familiar with, and fearful of, the message “Access Restricted – You Must Apply For Approval.” This will be a significant hurdle when it comes to differentiating, categorizing, and selling your products.

However, the good news is that getting ungated (approval for restrictions) for selling your product categories and sub-categories is a simple task, and we’ll show you how.

Easy Ways Of Getting Ungated 

Amazon began this gating and ungating process in August 2016. In reality, this is Amazon’s method of preventing fake products from being sold and purchased on their marketplace. Many prominent brands such as (Nike and Adidas) will be gated to safeguard product quality and guarantee that only selected and respected sellers can sell these brands. Essentially, sellers must go through the inconvenience of ungating to establish themselves as a good vendor and safeguard customers from the possibility of acquiring fake products.

There are 4 easy ways of getting your products ungated,

  1. Automatic Ungating

  2. Purchasing Online

  3. Professional Selling Account

  4. Hiring An Ungating Service

1.  Automatic Ungating 

As a new seller, you’ll see that there will be a lot of restrictions for many categories and brands for you to make sales on Amazon. However, once you prove yourself as a respected seller, your categories will be ungated automatically.

When you’re asked for “Request Approval” to sell something, always click the request button! If the following screen appears and reads “Congratulations! Your application has been accepted based on your performance history,” you’ve just been auto-ungated! This indicates you don’t need to make any further efforts to sell in this category or brand.

The more you sell and develop strong seller metrics, the more likely you’ll be auto-ungated!

2.  Purchasing Online 

This strategy eliminates the need to visit a retail store to purchase products. You may discover a wholesale distributor and purchase goods from him online. The primary distinction between purchasing things from a retail store and an online wholesale distributor is that the wholesale distributor will send a complete invoice for the product.

Once you have the products in hand and the finalized invoice, the rest is easy. Take clean photos of the products and save the invoice as a manually curated PDF file. Upload the papers and submit them for approval.

For finding profitable wholesale distributors who are willing to work with Amazon sellers, you can simply refer to AMZ Online Arbitrage.

3. Professional Business Account

Another option is to register a professional Amazon Business Account, which is distinct from a regular Amazon selling or buying account. Following the creation of a professional account, you may proceed with the processes outlined above to sell the restricted category on Amazon.

4.  Hiring An Ungating Service  

If all of the preceding methods have failed, you can hire an ungating service. However, before hiring, you must verify and ensure that the service you are choosing is worth your money. You may also hire an ungating service if you want the restrictions removed quickly and easily. As the market’s leading ungating service provider, I would recommend the funnel guru for the quickest product ungating service for you to have your categories or brand ungated (receiving approval).


As you can see, selling restricted products is not as difficult as you may believe. You must use caution while purchasing and selling products. You can learn more about product ungating by reading The Funnel Guru’s blogs.