Amazon uses the manufacturer part number (MPN) to uniquely identify specific products such as electronics, aftermarket, or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. Let’s have an look of what Amazon MPN is all about and how it benefits you.


Amazon Manufacturer Part Number is a unique code issued by the manufacturer to identify individual parts or products.

Amazon MPN is not applicable to all types of products. Each product has some unique code identifiers. Amazon manufacturer part number is relevant in certain cases like automotive, consumer electronics, etc.

MPN helps distinguish it from its counterfeit parts. Customers use manufacturers part numbers to analyze whether the parts or products they are buying are legitimate and 100% genuine or not.

There are different product codes applicable for certain products. For instance, a jacket has an SKU, and a book has an ISBN.

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a series of numbers used to track inventory or stocks.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) – A product code used by publishers, booksellers to control stocks.

UPC (Universal Product Code) is a common barcode placed on physical products that is used for tracking retail items.


This unique identifier is used in Amazon’s internal and external searches, so it is highly needed to provide MPN for greater product visibility. Also, placing the manufacturer’s part number will help the buyer get the right item and help increase conversions.

As a seller, you can use this unique number (MPN) by checking out these benefits to increase your Amazon sales.


If you provide Amazon Manufacturer Part Number in your product listing, you will get a unique and profitable opportunity to get in front of your target audience.

If customers are looking for a specific MPN and find it, most likely they will buy the parts or products.

There will be a higher chance for the conversion and also they are likely to come back in the future to buy the products.


Customers use search engines to search for products to buy. To increase your visibility on Amazon, placing MPN is of great use.

This field is indexed by both Google and Amazon’s A9 search algorithms. If you place Amazon MPN, there is a big chance you get a greater visibility by both search engines and displayed in the results.

This will improve your changes of getting discovered by more targeted customers, and eventually generate more sales.


As a Amazon seller, you need to consider a lower return rate or no return at all for better ranking and ratings. When you sell the right and exact part or product to a buyer there is no chance that buyer can return.


To get positive reviews from customers you need to meet their expectations by providing the exact parts they need. Buyers will surely be delighted when they find a seller who can deliver what they need. Hence, they are more likely to leave positive product reviews.


Amazon Manufacturer Part Number is only for specific products which differentiate from other counterfeit products. If customers already know where to buy and get the exact items they search for, there is a higher chance that customers will come back.


Amazon Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) is a unique code used to easily identify the  specific parts or products. It helps you to gain better opportunities for many Amazon sellers to boost their visibility and also improve their conversion rates.

Amazon MPN can improve your sales, so include it in your product listing, and perhaps also in the title or on product photos.

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