Amazon’s Choice badge can give sellers a great advantage in the online market. However, there is a big question mark over the eligibility criteria for offering the Amazon’s choice badge.

Amazon set out specific requirements for obtaining the badge in the US. marketplace. Let’s dive deep into the tactics you need to get the Amazon’s choice badge.


Amazon has always used its algorithm to determine what products customers see while searching. In addition to the well-known Bestseller badge, Amazon introduced the Amazon’s Choice badge to simplify shopping via Alexa.

If the customer has never ordered an item in the product category they are looking for, Amazon recommends a product.

This is where the Amazon’s Choice badge comes in: the Choice classification allows the algorithm to do a pre selection and suggest the most suitable product for the respective search.
Amazon’s Choice badge is displayed on the search results pages in the browser. As it’s a recommendation from Amazon, it can increase your sales and draws the potential buyer’s attention to the product and creates trust.

Hence, it is important for sellers to know how to grab Amazon’s Choice Badge.


Amazon Best Seller Badge is offered to the product which has the highest sales in a subcategory on the marketplace. Listed in the right category, some products could quickly get the Bestseller badge.

Amazon’s Choice badge is assigned in relation to keywords. The aim is to suggest customers the optimal product for each specific search query.

The Amazon’s Choice badge is displayed to customer individually for specific search terms.

In contrast to the Bestseller badge, the Amazon’s Choice badge does not refer to a product category, but always to specific keywords.


Here are some practical tips that Amazon sellers need to implement to get the Best Seller Badge:


Amazon’s Choice products are generally rated for Prime shipping. Therefore, it is recommended that sellers use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

If you’re fulfilling orders on your own you need to ensure that you’ve enough stock for your products at the warehouse and also you need to deliver it on-time.


Product quality is essential to generate as many ratings as possible. To get positive reviews you need to offer customers what they expect and they need.

Offering excellent customer service also a key to get the positive reviews. Also your copies and product images play a crucial role.

With accurate product descriptions, misunderstandings can be avoided and also the negative reviews. A high rate of return can also be avoided this way.


Search engine optimized content is the key to Amazon’s Choice badge. Since the badge is allocated on a keyword basis, Amazon SEO is an important factor you need to consider.

By including as many search-relevant keywords as possible in the title, backend, and bullets, you increase the chance that customers will find your product.
Also integrate long-tail keywords in your Amazon product listing copies, which in turn your product becomes more relevant to specific search queries.

For instance, the keyword “drinking bottle”, is highly competitive. Results displayed have different specifications and the most popular model with 32 oz capacity is Amazon’s Choice.
However, by restricting keywords to, “64oz Drinking Bottle” creates a possibility to become a Choice product for this specific keyword.

By doing this, customers get the product that exactly suits their needs in their search results, which increases your sales.


Amazon’s Choice badge can be a great opportunity to increase customer visibility and increase sales.

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