Amazon is one of the fastest growing online platforms and it is a perfect place to sell your products.

However, getting your product to rank first in the Amazon search engine can be a bit tricky. To tackle this, Amazon product listing optimization comes in place.

If getting a target audience to find your products from the competitors is critical in Amazon business, persuading them to buy is other crucial factor.

Amazon product listing optimization is simply upgrading your product listing to increase visibility, rank high on Amazon search engine, increase the conversion rate, and finally, generate sales.

In this article, we make it simple by providing you the top tips you need to follow to optimize your Amazon product listing.


Likewise Google, Amazon also have certain algorithms and its own set of rules when it comes to ranking their products on the search list and to get your products in front of the audience.

Amazon A9 Algorithm, which reads, scans, and analyzes data to help customers find the ideal product.

To improve your listing, you need to know some of the factors that Amazon considers to rank your products.



Before optimizing your product listing, you need to make sure that your product is profitable.

Doing research before listing on Amazon gives you a great foundation to ensure your product is searchable, able to rank, listed in relevant categories and so on.

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Do keyword research. Amazon uses keywords to rank your products in the search results. It’s important that you choose appropriate keywords for your listings.

Choosing the right keywords will help you optimize your listings to reach your target audience.


Amazon’s product titles are the first thing that consumers will see, so you have to get them right.

It’s also an essential part of your product listing, keywords that you’ve placed in the product title will connect your product to a buyer search.

Prioritize your keyword in your product title. Amazon allows you a product title length of 250 words.

With just 250 characters, briefly explain the features of your product to attract buyers. Provide a descriptive title that will make it easy for customers to identify its features.


Product descriptions allow you to go more in depth to answer customer questions, share more about the product, and offer more information.

Make sure you use this to share your brand’s voice, tone, and personality through the text. Invest in high quality copy, focus on the customer first, and don’t forget to integrate your keywords.

Make sure you avoid keyword stuffing and it should be easy-to-read, clear and concise language.


Picture is worth a thousand words. Product images are an integral part of your listing because customers can visualize your item. Investing in high-quality images can boost your sales and encourage buyers to buy yours.

You need to follow the Amazon requirements. To create Amazon product photo:

  • Pure White Background.

  • Larger than 1000 pixels in height or in width.

  • Product covers more than 85% of the image screen.

  • Products need to be visible.

  • No added props, text, images or labels.

  • Name the file as product_identifier.image_type

  • Product_identifier – ASIN, UPC, ISBN, EAN, JAN

  • Image_type – jpeg, png


Bullet points are the second thing most people see and one of the most viewed and read elements on the page.

Persuade your customers through short and concise sentences by explaining in 1,000 characters and five bullets with the key product features.

Bullet points offer you the opportunity to use keywords, but your primary goal should be customer conversion.

Answer customer’s most common questions, like product dimensions, weight, color, size, and functionality.


 An optimized Amazon product listing is essential to drive customers to your store and increase sales.

By performing the ways that mentioned above will help you to optimize your Amazon product listing, which improves your product visibility, product ranking and hence increases your sales.

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