Connecting with customers on Amazon is quite difficult. However, have you utilized every opportunity that Amazon provides?

What about answering Amazon customer questions? Have you done that? Don’t know where to start and what exactly it is?

Read Further To Connect With Your Audience.


Don’t know what exactly it is? Just above the review sections, there are few questions that are asked by your customer available on your listing.

Those questions can be answered by the seller and the customers who bought that product earlier.

Once a customer asks a question, people who have purchased that product earlier may receive an email regarding the question.

Also, you as the seller will also receive an email regarding the question. If you answer the questions, Amazon will label it as answered by the seller.

Although your previous customers can able to answer the current/future customer’s questions, it is important you as a seller to answer those questions.


Here are the top reasons why you should really need to consider answering questions from your customers.


When it comes to Amazon, you earned that trust based on its brand name. But what about your brand?

There are many sellers out there selling similar products like you on Amazon. How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

Of course by connecting with them. Maybe customer reviews can help but answering their questions will help build that trust even more.

They will feel even more connected and rely on your expertise and knowledge to make a decision.


Think like this. What makes them leave questions on Amazon? What can be the process?

They make a search for product on Amazon. You appear in the search results. You attracted them with your images and title.

They made a click, land on your product listing page. Look for information they need, they’re now in a stage to decide.

Now, they got a question that doesn’t have an answer on your listing. They raise that question on your listing.

So, they’re about to make a purchase may or may not be with your answer. If you answer those questions you not only able to convert your customers but also make them remind you.

You help them create a relationship with you or your brand.


If people are asking questions about your products, you need to realize that maybe some important information you might be missing on your listing.

It’s an opportunity for you to review your product listing and see where you can improve.

These questions help you understand what your audience needs and thinks while making a purchase.



While answering your Amazon customer questions, keep your answers short. No one has the time to read your lengthy sentences.

You can provide your audience with useful information in one or two sentences. People love to scan words. Be specific and informative.

But don’t go with one-word answers like “Yes” or “No” instead make a brief description.

Remember, your answers are visible publicly. It will also encourage your future customers to read before making the purchase.


Amazon gives you 30 days to answer questions. Even though you have a large time span, it’s recommended to answer the question within a few days.

Think like this, maybe that question can be a deciding factor to make a purchase. The faster you answer, the more likely that customer will decide to purchase your product.


While answering questions on Amazon, you want to keep your responses professional. Never let your emotions take over.

Be professional, but kind. Convey to your audience that you care about them and value their questions.

When answering questions from Amazon customers, you need to keep your brand in mind. It helps build brand recognition and earn conversions.


You’re going to answer a question with maybe one or two sentences, don’t go with template answers.

Sound like a human. Answering Amazon customer questions help you to prove that they’re dealing with humans only.

Give your answers in a conversational tone. Address them by their name and give the answers in a polite, and professional manner.


Not every question is the same. Don’t get bored while answering repetitive questions, try to respond with different words.

You can use more relevant search terms which you haven’t used in your title, description, or in other areas.

This can help improve your page’s relevancy and help you rank better.


Answering Amazon customer questions is definitely a great benefit to not only make a connection with your customer but also make them convert.

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