Simply, the way to earn the Amazon Best Seller badge is to sell most products within your category. Now, Amazon doesn’t claim to specify how long it has to keep this consistently high number of sales.
To stay on top of things and increase your chances of earning the Best Seller badge, you must first understand what it is and then learn the strategies you can implement to actively improve your chances of earning it.

The strategies listed below should work for any product and can be great if executed correctly.


Amazon Best Seller Badge is a orange badge mark that can do great things for your ads, it shows up in all categories and even some searches. Hence you can get more clicks, higher conversions and higher rankings.

There are a hundred product detail pages that receive the Best Seller badge for each category, although the lower level categories do not have one as much.
According to Amazon, the Best Seller badge is awarded based on market sales and may change from hour to hour. It’s market specific, you have to be the top seller on Amazon to get the Amazon Best Seller badge.


 Let’s take a look at the features for getting the Amazon Best Seller badge:


If you’re selling on Amazon you need to look at your competitors. To find the best one – the easiest way to get a bestseller go through the section and use the search and optimization rates (BSRs) of each of the top 10-20 lists in each category. You have to look for the least ratings and the highest BSRs.  


Backend Keywords are important for your visibility. There are hundreds of maybe even thousands of keywords that are relevant to your product in your niche.

You need to do intensive keyword research to find and choose the best keywords to use on your listing. Start with one product, and get started right away on Amazon. Use a search engine to find the relevant Amazon articles about your product.

Do not forget to enter the keywords that your competitors used, as well as the different keyword phrases. Take this list and run it through your favorite keyword planner. Sort the results to find all relevant keywords and save them in Excel or Google Sheets.

Now it’s time to sort your keywords and start optimizing your ad. Remember that Amazon puts their own keywords together, so you must never use the same word twice, even if it is part of a different string where the other words are different.


You need to take a look at your title, bullets and description and see where you can make changes to improve SEO for Amazon. You should try to add the keywords that have the highest search and are most relevant to your title and bullet points. Try using synonyms instead of repeating keywords, and avoid stuffing keywords.

Check your master list of keywords you just searched for and mark those you have added or are already there. Add all the unused keywords and the best remaining ones to your backend. This is where you put the ones that don’t have that high traffic but are still good keywords, brand keywords.


For products that aren’t as highly rated as you’d like, a quick way to beat the competition is by adjusting your prices itself. You want to stay just above your margins so you can offer your customers a great price while at least breaking even or making a small profit. Check your margins and calculate all costs – item costs, shipping, packaging, fees, and everything else you pay for – before making any changes to your prices.

Pricing is a ranking factor on Amazon. Lower prices also naturally attract higher sales volume, which can also help you rank higher, if the price is not so low that customers think there is something wrong with the product.

In common sense, giving away a few items instead of lowering the price may work better when you’re concerned about the buyer’s prospects. You can still achieve higher sales and rank by running giveaways.

A giveaway is starting with something small, and constantly increasing the number of items you give away. Run the giveaway for three to five days. By increasing the number daily, Amazon will perceive that your sales are increasing. Remember, this is something the algorithm is looking for when calculating who should have the Amazon Best Seller badge.


Each of these strategies alone can already help you out. However, when you’re competing for the Amazon Best Seller badge, you’ll want to put them all together to work simultaneously to get the top rankings

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