We all know Amazon started off selling books and is now one of the biggest online bookstores in the world.

With over 50 million books, Amazon sells around 650 million copies in a year and has nearly 2 million Amazon booksellers. So there’s no doubt that selling books on Amazon is totally worth it. It can be a good way to earn some extra bucks without having to invest much in inventory or extra fees.

So, are you looking to sell books on Amazon in 2023? And, perhaps hit the bestseller’s list?

You are in the right place! Let’s get started!

What Types Of Books Should You Sell On Amazon? 

You can sell any book, be it genre or category, or type, like paperback, hardcover, eBooks, second-hand/used books, collectibles, etc, as long as they don’t come under the restricted category.

You could even write and publish your own book with the help of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and sell them on Amazon.

Selling second-hand or used books, even with markings, can also be done and most sellers prefer selling their own books. However, there are a set of rules that a seller must follow when selling second-hand books on Amazon.

Condition Of The Book

What It Means

Used – Like New

Looks new, without any markings or notes/highlights. May have a remainder mark.

Used – Very Good

May have slightly visible tear and wear but is in perfectly readable condition.

Used – Good

Might contain markings, notes, or highlights. The book spine might have slight wear and tear.

Used – Acceptable

Visible markings, notes or highlights. Damage to book spine or pages, but intact to read.


The same goes for collectibles as well, there are certain rules to be followed when selling collectibles on Amazon.

When it comes to genre and category, there are a few ones that always hit the bestsellers list because of their popularity among readers.

Here are the top five so you can choose which one works best for you to sell on Amazon, and make sure you research well about them too!

1) Romance – Contemporary and Historical

2) Crime, Thriller & Mystery

3) Young Adult – Sci-Fi and Fantasy

4) Religious & Self-Help

5) Children’s Books

A bonus tip: While doing your research, find out why the latest bestsellers in any particular category are a hit among readers, as well as why some hate them. You can check the reviews on Amazon itself or sites like Goodreads.

Where Can I Find Books To Sell On Amazon? 

Your Bookshelf, Maybe?

(But only if you are 100% convinced to let go of your precious books)

If you are looking to sell your own books, obviously this is the place where you should look first. You can sell old textbooks that could help others, or novels and classics that no longer interest you. List them on Amazon, and this can be a perfect start to selling books on Amazon.

Scanning Books From Garage Sales/Thrift Stores

Here, all you need to do is identify books from garage sales or thrift stores that could make a profit when selling them on Amazon.

For that, you just need to scan the barcode using a scanner and cross-refer the BSR of the book to figure out whether it’s worth selling or not.

Online Arbitrage

Online arbitrage refers to purchasing products or goods at a lower rate and reselling them on Amazon for a higher price.

Sourcing for books of low prices can be time-consuming and tedious, especially when having to search through sites other than Amazon to sell them at a comparatively higher price on Amazon.

That is why Amz Online Arbitrage is a better solution when you want to do online arbitrage to sell books on Amazon. It will provide you with the best deals from which you can choose to sell on Amazon.

The online arbitrage list is carefully curated and prepared with in-depth research on profitable deals in the marketplace and makes your job easier.

If you find any products in the gated category, you can always seek The Funnel Guru‘s help and get instant approval to sell on Amazon.

How Can I Start Listing And Selling Books On Amazon? 

Step 1: Create an Amazon Seller Account

Step 2Opt for Professional or Individual Account according to how much you plan to sell.

Step 3: FBA or FBM: Decide which fulfillment strategy works for you.

Step 4List the books by entering details such as book title, ISBN or ASIN, etc.

Step 5Start shipping your books

Now, this is a crucial step in order to drive traffic and sales to your listings – Marketing.

Step 6: Promote your listings on other platforms like social media, to increase visibility and drive traffic. With more visibility, comes more engagement in the form of clicks, sales, and reviews.

Step 7: Ensure good customer service as it can bring in more positive customer reviews and boost your seller ratings.

Step 8: Keep track of all activity and sales performance, and improvise your listings accordingly to scale up the ranking pages.

Final Thoughts  

Amazon is a vast marketplace for all kinds of books, and that makes it the go-to place for most readers. With a lot of customers coming in to shop for books on Amazon, it surely is worth trying your hand at selling books on the platform!

Before you start, always do your research and make sure to stick to the policy. Take your time in these few weeks before 2023, source the best books, and get your hands on them. Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the books & publishing industry.

Of course, you need to have a lot of patience and put in effort when selling books on Amazon to reach the ranking lists, and it’s going to be rewarding!

Cheering you on always!

The Funnel Guru