Many new sellers will choose to sell the most popular Amazon brands, such as Home & Kitchen, Sports & Outdoors, or Toys & Games. These categories may appear to be highly profitable, but the sellers are unaware of the fierce competition in these categories. 

However, the grocery area is growing in prominence. If you want to sell groceries on Amazon, you must first learn how to ungate them. 

What Does Ungating On Amazon Means? 

Amazon has several rules and regulations on selling products in different categories. If a seller needs to sell grocery products on Amazon, first he/she must get approval from Amazon.

There are two categories on Amazon: Ungated and Gated. For ungated or open categories, approval is not needed. However, for selling gated categories, you just need to ungate them.

Ungating in the Grocery category entails being approved as a new seller and confirming your validity to offer restricted products. This is critical for stopping dishonest sellers from selling low-quality, pirated products instead of genuine products.

Reason Why Grocery Product Is Restricted On Amazon 

  • Amazon has restricted specific categories, such as Groceries, to ensure product quality and customer safety.

  • Another key purpose of category gating is to keep customers from purchasing products that might be hazardous to their health. This restriction makes sense because many restricted categories include luxury products, such as food and drinks, and health products, such as vitamins, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements.

  • Another reason for category restrictions is the fight against pirated goods. Piracy has become a major issue since it harms the product’s reputation.


How To Get Ungated In Grocery Category On Amazon? 

1. Check The Accuracy Of Your Amazon Account And Seller Information 

If you want to be ungated on Amazon, you must have a Professional Seller Account. Check that the address on your Amazon account matches the address on the receipts. Keep these receipts since Amazon requires them as documentation.

 Furthermore, your account must match the following requirements:

  • 1% order error rate

  • 2.5% cancellation rate before fulfillment

  • 4% Late Shipping Fee

You can find these stats in the Account health section in the Performance menu under customer satisfaction. Always make sure that you meet these standards. If not, your application for approval will be rejected.


2. Product Research On Grocery Category 

Find a product that is gated in groceries on Amazon. Before applying, study the product’s approval requirements and ensure that you not only meet but can show them. Your application will likely be denied if you do not fit the criteria or cannot produce evidence, wasting your time and resources.


3. Make An Online Store 

Create an E-commerce website with the exact information and Logo on your Amazon Seller Account. For the Grocery category, a seller must have an e-commerce store to get approval from Amazon. Ensure that you adhere to the Amazon standards for each listing product, such as product photographs, titles, search phrases, etc.


4. Make a Wholesale Amazon Account and Purchase a Grocery Product  

Use the address associated with your Amazon account, and provide both your seller’s name and your LLC name as your business name if they differ. Make your bulk purchases of grocery products. Because Amazon wants to show more than one sample invoice, you must place three distinct orders. For each order, ensure that you have more than 10 pieces of each limited product.


5. Prepare and Send Your Documents 

Scan and photocopy invoices as soon as they come, and maintain the originals in perfect condition. Write the ASINs and UPCs next to the product names on a copy of the invoices, and lock all price information.

The following is Amazon’s application process for being ungated in groceries:

  • Select Add Product from the Inventory menu.

  • Find the product you wish to sell.

  • Look on the right side of the search results for “Apply to sale.”

  • To begin the application process, click the Apply to Sale button.


How Long Does It Take To Ungate A Grocery Category On Amazon? 

After you submit your application, Amazon may contact you within a few days to a few weeks. Because there is no set limit, we cannot tell how long it will take to ungate the Grocery category.

There is another simple method for getting approval for the grocery products you want to sell on Amazon. You may also contact a professional category and brand ungating service to have your grocery approved quickly and easily.


Final Thoughts About Ungating Grocery On Amazon 

If your application for approval is declined, go over it again to see if you missed any requirements. If not, reply by saying that everything is correct. Alternatively, you can directly contact an ungating service for category approval.

You may find more information like this on the blogs about category and brand ungating.