Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. Hence, Amazon sellers need to compete against each other to get in front of their target customers.

Mastering Amazon product description writing will improve your search rankings and conversions. But how do you write something that appeals to buyers?

That’s what we are going to look into this guide. In this article you’ll get to know the tips to create the perfect Amazon product descriptions that sells.



Some products need detailed explanation while others only need image explanation. For example if it is clothing, customers tend to buy clothes based on the image you listed.

In this case, you need to keep your description short so that customers don’t get turned off by the detailed explanations and descriptions.

Electronics, on the other hand, the functions and features will require plenty of explanation.

So, keep your product descriptions accordingly based on the customer interest and needs.


People just ignore if you are only highlighting features in the product description. Amazon Product Descriptions are where you can include the benefits of the product. Since most of the benefits will be their search terms it will improve your ranking.


To rank higher on Amazon, you have to place targeted and most relevant keywords, but you can’t stuff them for the sake of SEO. If you have too many keywords that are popular but not relevant, then your description just won’t read right.

You need to provide your Amazon product description with relevant keywords, so that your targeted customer will land on your product listing page instead of shoppers who searched for other products.


No matter how good a paragraph, customers always look for an easier way by passing through the key points and facts about your products, which are probably bullet points.

Keep them short so that the reader only has to skim down the list of all the key details and features that you’re offering.


The final thing to remember is that you need to know your customers. You need to come up with a profile for your customer. Who are they? What do they like? Research these kinds of questions and it will make it much easier to create Amazon product description that connects with your target audience.


Creating Amazon product descriptions that ranks and sell is all about being able to connect with your customers and makes them choose your product among others.

Take the time to get to know about your customers and follow the above tips to create effective Amazon product description.

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