Finally, I received my product!! Look, how excited your customers are, sounds great right?

What if the excitement turns into frustration? With full of excitement, they open their package and look at the damaged product. Think, how it feels.

No sellers want this scenario. To avoid these consequences you need to take some precautionary measures.

That’s why we’re here to provide the best packing tips to reduce product damage.



Great packaging starts with the type of box you use. Sturdy outer materials provide good protection against damage.

Be careful if you choose to reuse old packaging. Cardboard boxes are easily damageable and provide much less protection if they are.

Using an old box is a great way to save money and the environment. However, reused boxes have been known to lose around 60% of their strength.

New and well-constructed cardboard boxes will offer more protection than recycled boxes. And if you have the budget try double-walled boxes for extra protection and durability.


Having empty space in boxes is a way to make product damage. You need to fill the space within the box avoiding as much air space as possible.

No matter how big or small your package is, it’s a good idea to pad it out to add an extra layer of protection to your item.

Cushioning your items will prevent them from moving around and protect them from accidental damage.

Use padding such as foam, bubble wrap, kraft paper, inflated airbags, etc to protect the items and to fill in gaps in the box.


If you’re shipping more than one fragile item in the same box, you need to take special measures to ensure they ship without damage.

You should wrap each item in bubble wrap or foam padding with at least an inch of thickness around each item. This will help prevent them from hitting each other with enough force to cause damage.

Isolate liquids from all other items in a package. Enclose the liquids and other sensitive goods in polybags if they spill, it won’t affect the rest of the package.


If you’re selling perishable goods, while shipping, they do get exposed to rain, in that case your package is bound to be wet by the time it reaches its delivery location.

In such circumstances, plastic bags are an ideal packing material.

For goods that could be damaged by humidity in a container, such as food, pharmaceuticals, or clothing, be sure to include a moisture-absorbing product, like desiccants.


Never use scotch tape, duct tape, or any other kind of tape that has been laying around the house.

It can be great to seal small size packages but is not suitable for large packages being shipped.

Use high-quality tape to ensure your box will not split open during shipment. An industrial tape that is pressure-sensitive, water-activated, and durable will protect the package and your product.


As you can see, there are many factors to consider when shipping products. To ensure you have the best chance of minimizing damage, you should start with the right packaging.

Be it selling on your e-commerce site or selling on Amazon, your cardboard box to bubble wrap will save you from getting negative feedback.

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