91% of unhappy clients will simply leave a company and never come back. But, it also involves the way you handle them.

Exceeding our every customer’s expectations might be a nightmare. Customer service means dealing with both pleased and angry people.

However, if we know what to say and, more importantly, how to say it, it might help to stay with your unhappy customers too.

Here are some tips you can take to deal with and manage angry Amazon customers:



If you’re an unhappy customer, what will you do? You type out your query, complaint, problem whatever it may be to the company.

You’re frustrated, angry, or having any kind of worst emotions, even though you type out your frustrations to make that company aware, right?

That’s what your customers on Amazon also want from you, they want to be heard, and to air their grievances.

By listening actively you can understand what your Amazon customer is saying by interpreting their words and their body language.

After listening and you’re quite clear about what Amazon customers want from you, it’s time to respond.


Try to respond as quickly as possible. If you respond as quickly as a customer leaves feedback, you’ll first exceed their expectations and make them calm.

Remember you’re representing your brand, be polite, and professional, irrespective of the words that customers use.

You’ve analyzed the problem and there may be nothing you can do. Perhaps the Amazon customer was disappointed because they were expecting something else, despite your detailed description.

In that case, never argue back  . All you can do is apologize that it didn’t meet their expectations and thank them for the review and for the suggestion.

If, the mistake is on your side, what do you need to do?

Apologize for the problem they’re having. Acknowledge the mistake and show that you understand why they’re upset.

You have to show that you care and that you will do everything to resolve the situation.


Once you’ve acknowledged that you are ready to address and resolve it, ask questions to find a suitable solution  .

Try to provide solutions as quickly as possible or let them know the estimated time period so you don’t further damage the relationship.

If you’re not able to resolve the issue immediately, be honest with the customer.

If there are options on how you can best move forward with the issue, provide those to the customer and allow them to choose.


A follow up email can go a long way by showing your customers that you actually do care about their satisfaction.

Well, with Amazon you can follow up with the customers in the review section itself.

Once the situation has been resolved, follow up with your client over the next few days to make sure that they’re happy with the resolution.


Dealing with angry Amazon customers isn’t always easy. But if you handle the situation well, you may even be able to improve your relationship with those customers.

Make sure that you listen actively to their complaints, and solve the problem.

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