Amazon FBA simply defines by Amazon itself as “You sell it, we ship it”. Amazon will do the work for you while you sit back and run your business.

All you need to do is source profitable products, optimize your product listing, send them to Amazon, and earn profit.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry we’ve compiled the reasons why you need to choose FBA while selling on Amazon.


So if you plan to become an FBA seller, read on to find out whether Amazon FBA really worth considering or not.


You simply need to send your products to Amazon, and they’ll handle the rest. Amazon FBA handles the picking, packing, and shipping of your orders.

When you sell on Amazon FBA, you don’t have to manage these processes. However, you need to inspect, label, and pack your products from your place to Amazon’s warehouse.


With Amazon FBA, you don’t need a separate garage or rent space to store your products.

With Amazon warehouse you don’t have to worry about the space to store your items. It can be difficult for you to store everything in your home or to pay for a separate space.

With the minimum space constraint, there may be a chance that you will misplace an item or place it on the wrong shelf. Through FBA, Amazon will reduce the chances of misplacing a product.


Amazon FBA doesn’t only provide fulfillment service to your customers, they also deal with customer service and returns.

Amazon will handle customer inquiries such as missing packages, updates on shipping, and return requests.

Handling customers is the foundation for every Amazon business. And that’s not as easy as you think, it involves addressing some common questions, complaints, and returns.

It will not that feasible to handle customer service, you may experience delays if you do it on your own, or you can be stuck on the computer for hours answering questions.

With Amazon FBA, you can get enough sleep without having to worry about customer questions and returns.


One of the great benefit of Amazon FBA is you can get access to Amazon prime members.

Amazon Prime members spend an average of 1,400 U.S. dollars on the online shopping platform every year, compared to non-Prime members.

By considering Amazon FBA, you can sell your items to both prime members and non-prime members and hence you can double your sales.


Amazon FBA products have a higher chance of winning the Buy Box. Since all important aspects are handled by Amazon, with their reputation, customers will trust you and you can get the benefit out of it.

However Amazon FBA handles the most important aspects of business such as fast and free delivery service, customer handling that impacts the number of buyers and sales.


With Amazon FBA you can sell from anywhere in the world. Since you don’t have to ship directly to customers, you can manage your store even when you’re taking a week off or on vacation without worrying about fulfilling customer orders.

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