“Your Amazon Seller Account Got Suspended” this mail notification that every seller doesn’t want to receive. But, getting prepared for the worst scenarios such as Amazon account suspension is critical.

I know it was stressful to handle this situation that’s why we’re to help you out by listing out the 3 easy steps to appeal for your Amazon Account suspension.



Amazon will notify you if your Amazon account is suspended. But Amazon doesn’t tell you exactly what you may have done wrong to undergo the suspension.

This requires analyzing your own policies and procedures to identify the root cause of the issue. However, there are 3 top reasons that you really need to consider.


Amazon tracks performance metrics for sellers and wants all sellers to meet their performance standards, which include:

Order defect rate: <1%

Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: <2.5%

Late shipment rate: <4%

Failing to meet the performance metrics will lead to account suspension, because Amazon really cares about their customers. These metrics will directly impact the customer satisfaction level.

Make sure you monitor these metrics frequently. To evaluate your performance, log in to your account and visit your Account Health Dashboard.


Another reason for account suspension may be due to the policy violation. You need to regularly review Amazon’s selling policies and Seller code of conduct.

Amazon updates this from time to time, so it is important to make a habit of going over Amazon’s policies to avoid getting your account suspended.


The last major reason for the suspension is a product violation. Check the FBA Prohibited Products list to verify if you posted a restricted products.

Do you know those restricted products have lot of benefits?. The two main benefits was that it has less competition and it has high demand.

But, selling those restricted products needs approval from Amazon and that’s not easy. But don’t worry, you can get approval easily by The Funnel Guru.

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Once you have identified the issues, it’s time to fix them. One of the essential ways to appeal to your Amazon account suspension is by creating a plan of action.

Write an Action Plan that lists the issues and the steps you’ll take to correct them. Make sure you keep it brief and instead of only apologizing you need to provide the processes, or procedures to prevent the issue from occurring again.

Amazon reviews this plan and uses the information you provide to decide whether or not to cancel your Amazon seller account suspension.


Amazon encourages sellers to appeal for a suspension, which you can do within Amazon Seller Central.

You need to navigate Amazon Seller Central > Performance > Performance Notifications > Location suspension notice > Appeal > Appeal Decision.

There will be a form displayed, in that form enter the details of your Plan of Action and also include your contact number.

Click on Submit Appeal and your appeal will be sent to Seller Performance for review. You will receive a response to your appeal from Amazon via email, within 48 hours after you submit your appeal.


Since Amazon is one of the largest and most trusted marketplaces, it is obvious that they indulge in strict policies and guidelines to retain their reputation.

However, account suspension is quite scary for Amazon sellers, luckily, Amazon allows you to use Amazon Appeal.

Amazon Seller Account suspension may be your worst nightmare, but knowing about Amazon’s guidelines and the Amazon appeal process can help you to handle the suspension in a more efficient way.

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