Started a clothing shop and have thought of selling them online? Amazon is the best online marketing platform for online selling.

If you want to promote your sales through Amazon, you need to register as a Seller and enter all your basic details like name, address, contact number & email, company name, and the product you are going to sell.

Amazon has some restrictions on selling products like clothes and accessories to maintain its reputation. Follow the steps to get your products ungated:

Steps to Un-gate your product  

1. Professional Seller Account  

It is better to start selling unrestricted products because it makes your work simple. But if you go with restricted products, you need approval to sell them. If you are a new user you need to create a seller account to become a professional Amazon seller otherwise no need. It allows you to sell both restricted and unrestricted products.

2. Know your account health  

You can now log in to your Seller Central Account to check your account’s health. Go to Customer Satisfaction from the performance tab in your Seller Central Account. From the menu that appears you can click on Account Health from which you can have an overview of your account. To ensure the customer’s experience, Amazon provides several restrictions for several categories.

3. Follow the Restrictions  

Each category contains several restrictions according to the products. You need to go through the restrictions to make your sale here. For example, you need to have several years of experience to make your sale on Amazon. Amazon will take action if you missed out to follow any of the restrictions.

4. Choose a Wholesaler   

The market demand is growing, and you need a wholesale seller who can meet up with it. You must provide at least one product invoice from your Amazon Seller Account if you intend to sell restricted product categories. Another important thing that you should be careful with is that the invoice should be within six months.

5. Invoice Submission   

After creating your invoice, you need to submit the original copy of your invoice to get brand approval. If you want to make the sale, you have to keep your invoices accurate. Amazon is extremely strict about approving seller accounts.

6. Request Approval  

You will have to try the following steps to get approval for the application process during US business hours.

  • Select “Inventory” and click “Add A Product.”

  • Search the product categories

  • Go to ‘Listing Limitations Apply’ after examining the search results

  • Then click on the Request Approval button and apply.

You must be available to reply and provide any additional information if asked.

Easy and Quick way of Ungating  

The process mentioned above will take about two weeks for Amazon to ungate your product. To save time and to get a quick category approval, you must get ungating service from online Product Restriction Ungating service providers. Recent reports suggest that the funnel guru provides the fastest approval for restricted products for Amazon sales.