The ability to generate Amazon customer reviews without violating the platform’s terms of service might seem like counting grains of sand on a beach. Complicated and time-consuming.

The good news? Collecting client feedback does not have to be so hard. Of course, there is no easy answer, but that should not stop you from trying.

There is no need to remind you that product testimonials are vital in the Amazon world. They influence conversion, sales, keyword ranking, Buy Box eligibility, and your chances to qualify for the AMZ’s Choice badge.

Luckily, this article will show you how to get reviews on Amazon today and not violate the platform’s TOS. Interested? So, let’s get started!

Use the ‘Request a Review’ Button

Amazon’s ‘Request A Review’ feature appears on the Your Orders page. It lets merchants ask for a review with a pre-defined email by the marketplace via its Buyer-Seller Messaging solution. After its implementation in users’ Seller Central, collecting reviews on the platform became much more manageable.

It helps merchants receive Amazon testimonials with a pre-set message directly from AMZ, so it’s 100% compliant with its rules. The only drawback is that you cannot customize an email with review requests to your clients.

Try an Automated Feedback Management Tool

Some services are browser extensions, and some are standalone apps. They will help customize and time your review requests, so they will likely go ahead of the platform’s automated emails.

However, keep in mind to use such review solicitation software with care to comply with AMZ policies. Do not be tempted to employ them selectively by cherry-picking orders you consider more likely to lead to good feedback reviews. It is specifically against the platform’s rules.

Add a Product Insert

A good strategy to generate reviews is adding a product insert into your orders. Such small pieces of cardboard included in your items can serve as promo materials.

Still, don’t forget that you cannot outright request only positive reviews; it’s against Amazon’s rules. Even attempting to entice with some incentive is a 100% no-go.

Just ask your clients for some reviews — keep your language very simple: “do not forget to share your review!” You may also provide an extended warranty in exchange for their email. However, put it elsewhere so it does not look like you are using it as an inducement for positive testimonials. Most shoppers will want an extended warranty, so they will sign up. Next, you may send them an email asking for a review.

Explore Amazon Vine

The platform doesn’t allow merchants to provide free goods in exchange for returns. Still, there is one exception: AMZ Vine for novice sellers. For merchants with fewer than 30 reviews, this program allows them to submit 30 items, which are delivered to specially chosen Vine reviewers.

These are users chosen by the marketplace for the integrity and strength of their other feedback. By participating in this program, small or new sellers trying to increase their rankings can have the opportunity to do so – with verified users who are likely to share honest and detailed reviews.

Participate in Amazon Early Reviewer Program

This AMZ program encourages clients who have bought an item to share feedback. Once the purchase gets completed, the platform sends buyers an offer to earn a $5 gift card for their review.

However, not all goods qualify for this Early Reviewer Program. To participate, your items should have fewer than five reviews at the moment of application. Moreover, they should be priced at more than $15. Next, AMZ will randomly select shoppers who have bought participating goods in the program and request their honest feedback.

Every successful review will cost the merchant $60, and the platform will continue to ask customers for their opinions on the items for a year or until five reviews are obtained through this program.

Join Various Forums and Groups in Your Niche

Other places you should be active are forums and groups. These are platforms where sellers in your niche gather and socialize. Although such places usually have strict rules on self-promotion, it is still worth your effort.

If you are having trouble finding such forums and groups, here is what you may do:

  • Search “your industry/niche + forum” in Google.
  • Look for a dedicated subreddit on Reddit.
  • Check Facebook for any relevant groups.

What’s great is that such groups and forums are generally free to join.

Start Your YouTube Channel

Running a YouTube channel might help you collect more reviews on AMZ. If you can gather followers on the platform, you may funnel such people to the e-commerce pages. As a result, you will get more reviews and sales, as these individuals have chosen to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

You might also create special videos and run promos to encourage reviews. However, we still recommend not to cheat the Amazon system by asking solely for positive reviews.

A social media channel is also an excellent way to build your client email list— as a promising e-commerce brand, you should have one.

The YouTube platform is free to join; all you will need to create videos is a camera. But, of course, a microphone helps as well.

Final Thoughts

This blog covered seven effective techniques to help you build reviews in the marketplace in 2022. Whether you are an FBA or FBM merchant on Amazon, customer feedback is essential to succeed. If your items do not have testimonials, you won’t end up with many sales. So don’t forget to harness the power of social proof — a compelling copywriting principle that gets clients to buy.

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