As an Amazon seller, you might be aware that Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner. Amazon Prime Day 2021 is expected to take place June 21 and 22.

What does that mean for sellers selling on Amazon? Amazon Prime Day is a global shopping event created solely for Amazon Prime members which offer huge discounts for customers.

Do you know that in 2020 Amazon Prime Day event generated $3.5 billion in sales, a nearly 60% year-over-year increase?

So how do you make your Amazon prime day event great? Let’s take a look at the tips that help you to achieve great success on a prime day.



It’s obvious that your shoppers will land on your product listing page to purchase the product. And that’s why it is important to optimize and update your product listing.

By doing so, you will increase your organic traffic on Amazon as well as increase conversation rates for Prime Day.

Also don’t forget to include relevant, targeted keywords which will help place your listings rank higher on Amazon.

And make sure you review and update your title, bullet points, product descriptions, and images.


After updating your product listing, you need to look at your data and see how your products have performed in the past.

With that data, you need to forecast the sales plan and evaluate what stock levels are appropriate.

Make sure you have an adequate inventory on Prime Day. Also, if you’re running campaigns on other channels, keep that in mind while planning your inventory.


Your shoppers are more likely to expect discounts on Prime Day. With so many sellers competing, effective pricing strategies play a greater role during Prime Day.

You need to keep a close eye on your competitors throughout the Prime Day event.

More specifically, if your product is priced lower and your listings are well-optimized, you have the chance to win the Buy Box.

You don’t always have to lower your price, but you need to have a competitively priced product to take advantage of.


Another great strategy to utilize is product bundling, which drives more sales with the advantage of having multiple items.

You can list bundles as separate ASINs so that you don’t have to compete with others on price.

But before bundling up the items, make sure you do research on what consumers have purchased together in the past.

It can help you to give your customers a great deal without necessarily offering a big discount.


Advertising your products will definitely help you to gain exposure and drive additional traffic to your listings which could be a great factor in your Prime Day success.

Make sure you have Prime Day-specific advertising plans in place.

Also, use social media, emails, and Amazon Advertising to let people know you’re participating in Prime Day. Start promoting in advance and continue throughout Prime Day.


As an Amazon seller, Prime Day is a great opportunity to build brand awareness, and boost sales.

Also, before planning to sell on Prime Day, make sure you get approval from Amazon for the restricted categories.

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