Developing a business is not that easy, it involves tactics, strategies, marketing and lot more. Likewise, selling on Amazon is getting more competitive and difficult, but that’s not always the case.

Following the right strategies, tactics will help you to increase your Amazon sales. To get more reviews, build loyal audiences you have to consider using Amazon product inserts.

In this article, we’ll cover you the things you need to consider and the benefits you get by using Amazon product inserts.


Amazon product insert is simply defined as a small piece of card that helps to market your products or service. It is usually the size of a business card or a postcard.

Amazon Product inserts help you to communicate the unique selling point of your product or service and help customers to take action in the future.


Placing product inserts on Amazon helps you to get advantages such as:


Gaining reviews is the most essential part in running your Amazon business and to make sales. Most of the consumers will check for the reviews before making a decision to purchase.

Every Amazon seller knows that you need reviews to make sales, but in order to get reviews, you must make sales. Quite confusing? Let me explain.

If a buyer makes a purchase and forgets to leave the review, it will affect your business also you need to make them as a repeat buyer.

This is where Amazon product inserts can play their role. Placing a simple “thank you note” with your brand identity can increase your chances of getting repeat customers.


As an Amazon seller, you know that Amazon has so many rules in place to follow while selling products on Amazon.

With so many rules, you have a great benefit which is Amazon product insert. Considering Amazon product inserts is one of the most effective advertising techniques for Amazon sellers.

As an Amazon seller, you know that Amazon does not disclose buyers’ email addresses to sellers, which can make connecting with your customers quite difficult

Amazon product insert bridges the gap which sellers usually struggle to make customer connections.

This is also a great opportunity to sell off your slow-selling items by offering discounts for that particular products.


Customer service is one of the great ways to gain repeat buyers and also make customers leave reviews which in turn will lead to more sales.

Amazon product insert is a great way to express gratitude towards your customers and make them feel valued.

These product inserts on Amazon will help you to exceed the customer service in different ways:

With Amazon product inserts you can address any concerns or complaints they have and state that “We’ll try our best to resolve your issue.” This can be a great step to handle any complaints and protect you from the negative feedback.

Also you can add little surprises or thank you notes to the package to make the customer feel valued.


You can include samples of the product which matches the customer interest and similar to the items that customer already bought from you.

By offering samples, customers can able to try your product and if they really love that product they will surely become a repeat buyer.

In addition to promoting a targeted item, it will also make your customer feel highly valued.


Amazon product inserts is typically a low-cost marketing tactics which every seller needs to utilize effectively.

Advertising products on Amazon via Amazon PPC and other channels really involves huge cost but product inserts are undoubtedly cost effective and still it is highly effective.


1. Make your product insert design eye-catching which need to attract your customer to check that insert.

2. State an urgency in your note, make them contact you if they’ve any issue, create a thank you note to make them feel valued.

3. Use bright colors instead of dull ones, use good quality paper or cards, be creative, use your imagination and create a design that best suits your business.

4. Check your competitors product inserts to pick their creativity, don’t try to copy them.

5. Easy to read text, clean small amount of text, & professional look.

6. Don’t try to get them to buy on your website, it’s against Amazon rules.

7. You can ask for honest reviews not only the positive ones.

8. Don’t offer discounts and request reviews at the same time .


Product inserts are an excellent opportunity to reach consumers that love your products, make them leave review, connect with them, create brand building, and increase your sales.

By utilizing right, it is a great cost-effective marketing opportunity to boost your sales and hence it will help you to earn a lot more money.

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