Many sellers are getting confused between Category Ungating Vs Brand Ungating. Today, let’s learn about What is Category Ungating and What is Brand Ungating.

Category Ungating

Category Ungating is the highest degree of ungating and applies to all Amazon Seller Accounts.

Similarly, to sell Pillsbury products, you must first determine which category your Pillsbury belongs to and then obtain approval. Because Pillsbury is a food product, it belongs within the Grocery & Gourmet Foods category. As a result, you’ll need to get clearance for that category.

This type of ungating concerns obtaining clearance for a specific category. A particular category in the sense that it allows access to all items in that category. Coffee, for example, belongs under the Food & Beverage category. To sell coffee on Amazon, a seller must first be approved for the Food & Beverage category.

Brand Ungating  

You can sell any products that have just category restrictions after the Category is unlocked. You can’t sell that product on Amazon if it has a brand restriction. Some products are restricted by both category and brand.

If a product requires a specific brand ungating, you must obtain it individually. This is common and will occur for many new sellers who are just starting out on Amazon. There are numerous approaches to get Amazon to approve these restrictions. Getting support from a reputable company or service will actually reduce your time and effort spent in a variety of ways.

To ungate the Pillsbury product and avoid all of this complexity, we designed a Google Chrome Extension that will relieve your load and allow you to focus on your company development rather than the product itself. This extension is now used by 10,000+ Amazon sellers daily to gain clearance for the category or brand they wish to sell on Amazon. This is done to ensure that customers are informed of the limits of their product before acquiring it.


Again, always verify the limitation through a laptop/computer, because the Amazon mobile app does not disclose the specific restriction type, whether category clearance or brand approval is required. In some instances, clearance for both category and brand may be required to sell your products. So, always be aware of the limits and utilize a laptop or personal computer to examine the restriction type for the product you are planning to sell on Amazon.

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