Hello, seller! Do you know that millions of active customers visit Amazon every month intending to purchase products? 

Yeah. Using these visits, you may quickly advertise your product listing and increase your Amazon sales.

Here are some smart and efficient techniques to promote your Amazon product listing.

  1. Competitor Analysis

  2. Correct Pricing

  3. Product List Optimization

  4. Encourage Reviews

  5. Product Sponsored Ads

  6. Promotion Advantages

  7. Increase External Traffic


1. Competitor Analysis For Product Listing 

The first step in expanding your career is to identify and comprehend what and who you are competing with. Based on your competitor analysis, will offer you an insight into what your customers like and what they truly desire. The following list will assist you in doing a thorough competitor analysis:

➤ Read the reviews and FAQs on your competitors’ pages to get a clear grasp of the customers and their preferences.

➤ Examine how frequently our competitors update the product listing, image, or content.

➤ If you discover your competitor is running low on supplies, it may be time to lower your rates and increase your promos.

➤ If you see that your competitors’ reviews are rising faster than yours, explore why.


2. Correct Product Pricing   

It is vital to set accurate pricing on your product. According to Amazon’s “General Pricing Rule”, your product pricing should not be lower than any other online sales channel. This guideline applies to your own Shopify site as well. By following this general pricing rule, you can simply prevent having your Amazon seller account suspended.

Since Amazon is an online marketplace, you may be competing with other third parties to win the “buy box”. There are various repricing solutions on the market, and Amazon just launched the ‘Automate Pricing’ function on Seller Central to assist you in automating pricing choices.


3. Product List Optimization 

You can easily optimize your Amazon product listing by the following tips 

Product Title: 

Your product title must convey and convince the customer. The title should clearly describe the product. 

Product Description: 

Writing a paragraph of about 10 lines will not work. You need to use your brand voice and appropriate key selling points will always help the customers understand the product. 

Bullet Points: 

Mention all the key facts like warranty, discount, or customer service in bullet points and avoid points more than a few lines.

Product Images: 

Before zooming/panning in, your primary picture should convey what the product is. Additional pictures should show the product from different perspectives.


4. Encourage Reviews On Your Amazon Account

Reviews are incredibly significant. We’ve all purchased something from Amazon, and often, the decision came down to whatever product had the best reviews. 

Easy ways to improve reviews 

➤ send out emails containing commercial or promotional content

➤ include hyperlinks to other websites

➤ demand, request, or reward favorable feedback


5. Product-Sponsored Ads 

Amazon provides a powerful advertising infrastructure that allows you to sell your product to Amazon customers.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that allows you to promote your products alongside search results.


6. Promotion Advantages For Listing Products

A Lightning Deal is a promotion in which a limited number of discounts on a product are provided for a limited time. You can also utilize this lightning deal to sell more products and receive positive feedback.

The idea is not to be on promotion continually or provide significant discounts. Still, if you can sprinkle them in at the beginning of your product’s life span on Amazon, it is a terrific way to gather extra reviews and develop relevancy so that other buyers can find you.


7. Increase External Traffic 

Many firms miss this step or reserve all external channels to point to their online shop. While there is undeniable benefit in driving external traffic (blogs, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, influencers, and so on) to your site, the same strategies will also work to promote your Amazon listings.

You can simply use this technique to drive more customers toward your product listing thereby increasing your Amazon Sales.


Final Thoughts On Amazon Product Listing

Because Amazon is the world’s leading online marketplace for both buying and selling products, promoting and optimizing your product listing for gated categories and brands will be more competitive and complex. However, using the techniques mentioned above can make it easier for you. You can also get your products ungated by reaching a professional ungating service and requiring approval to list your products onboard.

I know that this will be more insightful for helping you promote your Amazon sales. To know more information like this and also about the Amazon Ungating Category, kindly follow and read our blogs.