After plenty of searching, you may find a suitable and profitable product. The product you’ve picked also has little competition and demand. However, you’ve discovered that the product you’ve chosen for sale is not eligible for Amazon to sell since it comes under the restricted category.

Similarly, selling in one of Amazon’s gated categories is possible, but requires some extra effort. According to a survey of over 1000 Amazon sellers, only 7% are efficiently selling gated products.

So let’s go through everything we need to know about Amazon’s category and product restrictions, as well as how to ungate them.

Categories That Require Amazon Approval  

Because Amazon does not have a single set of restrictions, the rules and regulations for gated categories will differ from one product to another. As a result, you must submit extra information for your products to be free of restrictions.

If you need Amazon’s approval, the procedure may include extra costs, submitting to a performance check, and performing any other Amazon-required procedures.

Gated Categories On Amazon 

The following are the gated categories currently on Amazon

➤ Collectible Coins

➤ Personal Safety and Household products

➤ Entertainment Collectibles

➤ Fine Art

➤ Holiday Selling Requirements in Toys & Games

➤ Jewelry

➤ Join Amazon Handmade

➤ Join Amazon Subscription Boxes

➤ Made in Italy

➤ Music & DVD

➤ Automotive & Power Sports

➤ Services

➤ Sports Collectibles

➤ Streaming Media Players

➤ Video, DVD, & Blu-ray

➤ Watches

What defines a restricted product? 

Amazon strives to provide its customers with the finest buying experience possible. When it comes to products that sellers may easily misuse and mislead, Amazon has additional security protocols in place to help make that happen.

Amazon does not have a uniform definition of a restricted product because restrictions vary from product to product.

If you plan to sell on FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), you must first research Amazon’s FBA product restrictions to determine which products cannot be sold via Amazon’s FBA.

Amazon has declared three fundamental types in restricted categories to secure its unique shoppers:

➤ Collectibles with strict condition criteria

➤ Expert items of the highest quality

➤ In addition, entities governed by state or federal law

How to Apply for Ungating on Amazon? 

Amazon has simplified the approval process for entering a restricted product category.

Check The Product Status (Gated or Ungated) 

Simply follow the steps below to check whether your product is eligible for Amazon sales:

➤ To begin, sign into your Seller Central account.

➤ Then, towards the top-left of the screen, click on the ‘Inventory’ tab.

➤ Then, from the dropdown menu that appears, choose ‘Add a Product.’

➤ Find the product you wish to sell from there.

➤ Then, to the left of the product information, select ‘Show limitations.’

➤ Finally, you will either be able to begin the application process by clicking the ‘Request Approval’ option, or

➤ You will receive a message stating that you are not approved and that applications are not being accepted.

Another Way Of Ungating 

If you discover that your product falls under a restricted category, you must ungate the product to sell it on Amazon. You can request approval from Amazon by yourself, but it will take more than a week to get approved. Another simple method of ungating is available, which will clear the restrictions and have your product approved within a day. You can contact the funnel guru – #1 category and brand Ungating service to acquire restrictions for your products within one day.

You may learn more about the service by reading the blogs.