Finding it difficult to sell your products on Amazon? With these 5 Amazon copywriting tips, optimize your product descriptions and improve traffic to your listings.

Amazon Copywriting is the content written to inform your customers about the product as well as persuade them to buy it. It falls in the category of marketing copywriting and focuses exclusively on the Amazon platform and its customers.

It is important to know how to write a good copy to sell your products on Amazon. Because having well-optimized product listings can help you in the long run as it can:

  • Boost organic traffic
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Improve product rankings

Here are 5 pointers to consider when you are listing a product –

1.  Make a good ‘first impression’

When a customer searches for a product on Amazon, the first thing they notice is the title of the product. A well-structured title can bring leads and boost the traffic to the product. Therefore, it is important you create a good ‘first impression’ with your product title.

  • Your product title can contain a maximum of 200 characters, with the first letter of every word capitalized (except for sentences that have too many prepositions, and conjunctions).
  • Measurement words such as inch, and grams need to be spelled out and numbers should be written in numerical form.
  • The product title should contain the product name, brand, key feature, product type, and variation details such as color, size, and quantity. All these need to be relevant to the customer’s search terms. They must also be arranged according to keyword ranking because it can influence product sales and ranking.
  • Use special characters such as “|” to break up phrases in the product title and make it look readable.

2.  Pictures speak louder than words

A high-quality picture that highlights your product well can improve the quality of your product listing. The main images of your listing must feature only your product clearly without any background props. The images should be 1000 x 1000 pixels or more, as it can help the customers to zoom in on the pictures easily. 

 3. Nobody likes reading long, boring paragraphs

To have a good product listing, it is essential to mention all the features of your product in the content description. But having well-structured content in the form of bullet points can make it look neater and better.

Make sure to list all the features of the product in short and descriptive sentences or phrases. Use relevant keywords if you can to help the product listing rank better.

4.   Sell benefits, not features

We have all heard this phrase whenever we try to sell a product. This applies here too, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include the features. Rather focus on both equally in your product description.

With 2000 characters limit in your product description, make sure to elaborate on the mentioned features as well as sell the product benefits — the wants and needs of your customers.

 5. A Persuasive Call-To-Action

Last but most important of all – don’t leave your customer hanging in there without a CTA. Include a proper and persuasive CTA that will prompt your customers to click the “Buy Now” button.

With all these tips in mind, make sure to optimize your product listings to see impressive results in no time!

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