Have you heard of Amazon Posts? Clueless, what exactly it is? How beneficial it would be for you as an Amazon seller?

Don’t worry, in this article we covered everything you need to know about Amazon posts.


In the words of Amazon, “Posts help shoppers discover new products and see what’s new from brands by browsing feeds of brand-curated content. Posts link to product detail pages, making each post in a feed shoppable, and each post includes category tags so shoppers can continue exploring posts in related categories.”

Simply, Amazon Posts is as similar as a social media feed with product images and captions.

Amazon Posts allows brand-registered sellers to share product-related content just like they do on social media.

Excited to know more?

Amazon Posts is in beta and available for sellers who are either registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry or vendors or an active Amazon DSP advertiser within the US.

Also, you need to have an Amazon Store for your brand in order to use Posts.


Amazon post has 5 key elements

1. Your brand name and logo

2. Image

3. ‘Show product’ button

It reveals a product mini card when clicked upon. If someone clicks on this it will directly take them to your listing.

4. Caption

Amazon allows you up to 2,200 characters here, but keep in mind that only the first two lines will be displayed by default.

5. Tags

Amazon will auto-tag your posts with relevant product categories. When shoppers tap on a specific category, this will take them into a feed of related posts.



Note that right now it’s free for Amazon Brand Registry sellers. Maybe it will change in the future.

If you’re a seller who is already creating content on other social media platforms and struggling to attract Amazon customers.

It’s a great opportunity to incorporate an Amazon-specific strategy. Also, maintain consistency and feature your brand regularly to boost engagement.


A big drawback of Amazon is that it’s difficult to showcase your brand. And it’s difficult for sellers to find the difference between the brands.

Most of the sellers sell the same kind of products on the marketplace. Hence, with Amazon Posts, you can show off your products and share unique content that tells your brand story.


You can able to measure your content’s performance.

The Posts dashboard gives you access to engagement metrics, including views, clicks, and clickthrough rates so you can see what is and isn’t working and tailor your content accordingly.


Just like any other social media platform, customers will be able to “Follow” your brand on Amazon to stay up-to-date with your product and brand.

5. SEO

Posts don’t automatically boost your product on the search results page. But they do improve on-page conversion percentage, and this will help boost your organic ranking over time.


As mentioned earlier, sellers enrolled in Brand Registry with an active Amazon store are eligible for Amazon Posts.

Follow the steps to get started:

  1. Visit posts.amazon.com

  2. Sign in using your existing Amazon account credentials

  3. Create your profile

  4. Verify your brand name

  5. Upload your brand’s logo


If you want to grow your brand and get the exposure and awareness of your brand with potential customers, you can definitely give it a shot on Amazon posts.

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