Reviews play an important role in buyers purchasing decisions. Reviews are critical to Amazon sellers that gives your potential customers the assurance that you are a reputable seller.

However, this can be a problem for sellers bringing a new product to market. You need sales to get reviews, and you need reviews to increase sales.
Amazon no longer allows sellers to offer rewards in exchange for reviews. However, you can take advantage of the Amazon Early Reviewer Program. Let’s take a deep dive into the Amazon Early Reviewer program and how it helps you.


Amazon Early Reviewer Program is to help sellers gain feedback for new products. Amazon email customers offering a gift voucher in return for a review of your product.

Amazon removed any fake or incentivized reviews it came across, and also introduced a customer review policy, seller account got suspended if they offer discounts or any other incentives in exchange for positive feedback.

However, sellers were struggling to build up reviews for newly launched products. Hence in 2018, the Amazon Early Reviewer Program was launched to help them earn authentic, trustworthy reviews for a fee.


You need to sign up for this program which will cost you $60 per SKU. Amazon then follows up with customers who purchase your product and asks them for an honest review.

They offer customers Amazon gift card worth between $1 and $3 as a reward for their feedback, even if it’s negative.

Your customers won’t be aware of the reward that Amazon offer for leaving feedback. Amazon won’t send review requests to everyone, random selection of customers are invited to take part.

Feedback gathered through the program is marked with an ‘verified purchase’ tag. This shows shoppers that the review is genuine and trustworthy.


To register in this program, you need to be its brand owner. Simply, you need to own your brand’s trademark which appears on the product.

If you are the brand owner, you’ll need to sign up to the Amazon Brand Registry. To qualify for the early reviewer program, you also need to meet the following criteria:

  • The product must be on or
  • The product needs to have less than five reviews.
  • Products must cost at least $15, if it falls below, Amazon will stop requesting reviews.


To register for the Amazon Early Reviewer Program you can sign up within your Seller Central account.

Under Advertising tab, choose ‘Early Review Program’ to get started. From there, you can directly enter one product SKU at a time. Alternatively, you can bulk upload up to hundred SKUs using a CSV file.

Amazon will reject if your products doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria.


For $60 per SKU, you’ll receive up to five reviews. The costs can add up if you have lots of new products on Amazon.

Study says that when a product has five reviews, conversions are 270% higher when compared to those without any. So if you have plenty of stock to sell, you’ll see the profit return in no time.

However, it’s important to be aware of the pitfalls too. There’s always a chance you’ll end up paying for negative feedback.

Sellers can able to choose products, but they can’t influence which customers take part or what they say. You need to make sure your product is great, its description is accurate and great customer support is provided to all buyers.


Amazon early reviewer program aims to help new products gain traction. Remember, Amazon insists buyer to provide honest feedback it might be positive or negative.

It’s your duty to offer best quality products, service, speedy delivery and all other factors that customers need to leave their honest feedback.

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