Be ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday! It’s going to be completely different this year. With Covid’s situation and people shopping from home, being really cautious about the safety precautions, the trend has turned upside down.

This situation is quite favorable for online shoppers. They are rushing to shop online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So people will jump to e-commerce in an initiate to avoid crowds and minimize their shopping trips to the nearby stores.

 Black Friday Tips for Amazon Sellers   

If you are an Amazon seller, it is important to ramp up your holiday selling preparations. Make sure that your campaign strategies and promotions are on point and to the market trends.

  • Be updated with the consumer trends     

Stay ahead with the consumer shopping trends and news sources. Keep up with reliable sources that report on retail news and consumer shopping trends. Talk to your customers and sellers to learn about their preferences and insights. Learn what’s trending in the e-commerce industry now.

  • Mostly Black Friday ‘deals’ are not on Friday   

Amazon sellers who have strong knowledge about Amazon’s business will be aware that most of Black Friday do not end within a day after thanksgiving day. They will start much ahead of time and last until the weekends. So be prepared and pay attention to handling the sales during and after Black Friday.

  • Prepare a backup plan   

In order to be prepared, you’ll need to reassess and restructure your business operations.

What will you do if things go upside down? Do you have a backup if your inventory isn’t prepared to handle the holiday demand? Can you ship the inventory within the specified date?

Taking into account the current e-commerce situation, you have to be prepared in advance to handle the mishaps. Ensure you have a sturdy and healthy system in place to handle the holiday rush.  

  • Pick, pack, and ship efficiently   

Prepare your inventory to handle the product demand. This applies not only to Black Friday and Cyber Monday but also to the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s eve.

The major reason behind Amazon FBA’s success is its warehouse and order fulfillment center. So if you are not relying on Amazon FBA, you should prepare your warehouse and fulfillment strategies to stock the inventory.

Due to the pandemic, the suppliers may not work at maximum efficiency. So it’s vital to forecast your sales and identify the right quantities to stock up.

  • Make sure your inventory for the holiday season is right by using ABC analysis.

  • Organize products according to the preferred delivery method. Classify orders based on customer priorities.

  • There are different packaging requirements for different types of products. Sort your products accordingly.

If you are prepared with these tips, you can shine like a star on Black Friday and master the Amazon business. Also, sell the top brands and categories on Amazon. They will be at the peak in the demand chart during the Black friday.

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