You know what? The black Friday trend has changed a lot this year due to the COVID crisis. Though many people have been vaccinated, the fear of COVID is still fresh in the minds of people. So they always try to avoid shopping in crowds.

But this is great news for Amazon Sellers! Because most shoppers have shifted to online shopping. That too, the trust in products that are listed on Amazon has doubled.

So make use of this situation wisely. If you plan your listing and make some efforts to improve it, you can achieve great sales.

I’ll list out the best hacks to improve your product listing on Amazon. Let’s rock this Black Friday!!!

 1. Optimize The Title For Mobile Users   

In 2021, around 72.9% of eCommerce sales are predicted to come from mobile devices. First of all, you have to create titles that can be easily scanned by mobile devices. One of the most crucial aspects of the amazon sellers’ holiday checklist is optimizing the titles of the products.

Amazon will provide you with a 250-character limit for writing product titles. But most of the titles that convert are within 80 characters. Mobile devices will truncate it if it is not formatted correctly.

Well, your title should be short and crisp, but at the same time, it has to comprise all the important keywords in it. Whenever you write title tags, always start with your keywords and avoid keyword stuffing or spamming since these practices no longer improve search ranking.

 2. Product Images  Are The Trump Card

Images play an imperative role in driving sales on Amazon. But many sellers overlook them when optimizing product listings. In fact, Images play a crucial role in optimizing your Amazon listings for the holiday season. You have the responsibility of making all product images self-explanatory as a seller.

For instance, the Amazon product listing should feature at least 7 high-quality images, each showcasing the USPs of the product within the image itself. By doing this, you can alter the buying decision of your customers which can boost your sales.

Apart from this, you’ve to use a high-resolution camera to take the product images and make sure they are taken from different angles, with each having a white background. Your photos will look clearer without any blurriness if you do this.

Always keep an eye on the dimensions before you upload an image. It is recommended that you upload 5-8 high-quality images at 500 x 1000 pixels.

 3. Add Holiday-themed keywords   

It is advisable to use keywords related to the holiday season in your content in the last quarter in order to drive a high volume of traffic to your product listings.

  • Using popular keyword research tools, to come up with a list of keywords that can pull enormous traffic to your listing during the holiday season is a smart way.

  • Find out which keywords your top 5 competitors are using related to the upcoming holiday shopping season by skimming through their product listings. Consult an Amazon SEO expert to figure out their competition and search volume and, if they’re worth targeting, include them in your product listings.

4. Create Content Related To The Black Friday   

The best way to sell on Amazon during the holiday season is to make your content relevant. Create promotional content around important shopping holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas to give your product listings a festive feel.

This not only helps you distinguish yourself from your competitors’ drab listings that look almost the same as those thousands of other sellers have already posted but will also increase your Amazon sales during the holiday season.

List out the USPs of your product while writing the description, which can act as a justification for why the customers should consider buying the product from you.

With these hacks, you can shine bright even in the clusters of competitions in the market. And, ONE MORE ADDITIONAL TIP for you.


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