You will be aware of the fact that people have shifted to virtual shopping in this pandemic situation. Especially, most of the shoppers run after Amazon because of the impressive offers and nominal rates with assured quality products.

So you have to prepare in advance for the holiday sale. When it comes to Holiday Sale most amazon sellers will concentrate on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

But the lesser-known fact is, many products are sold on Thanksgiving day too. So you’ve to prepare for Thanksgiving day to stay ahead of your competitors.

Adobe Analytics data shows Thanksgiving Day spending rose 21.5% year over year to $5.1 billion, setting a new record. Nearly half of the shopping was made by mobile users.

One thing I would like to mention as a tip for the Amazon Sellers is that, don’t miss to focus on the last-minute shoppers. Because most people make purchases at the tip of the moment. So make campaigns to attract them. Run sponsored ads targeting them.

Also, I’ll give you some ideas to upgrade your sales performance.

Run PPC Campaigns In Advance    

PPC campaigns will put you at the top of search results for specific keywords; which means increased purchase. It results in better SEO which will lead to growth in sales for the long term.

Run the PPC campaigns as early as possible. Don’t wait for the festival day. As the holiday shopping season progresses, you could see excellent PPC results.

Avoid Launching Too Many New Products

Multiple new products at the same time can drain cash flow, and if the products aren’t good, you might have inventory that isn’t selling.

Keep your focus on your bestsellers. The longer your product lead time is, the more products you will sell. If you keep your list of SKUs narrower, you will have more sales.

Sell Top Brands And Most Sought Products

Just find the best selling products by analyzing the sales performance of the previous year. Observe the buying pattern of the customers. Top brands like Nike, Puma, Marvel, Lego, and so on are always in high demand.

So list those products on Amazon. Of course, you’ll face restrictions. But don’t worry. We have ungating experts for you. The Funnel guru is one of the top ungating experts. We can get approval for any of your products in just 24 hours. Enjoy blasting sales this Thanksgiving day.