Customers are the center of every business. Satisfying them is a little challenging task, that too on Cyber Monday. But, what about enchanting them?

You will stand out from the crowd if you exceed their expectations and make them excited.

What is the best way to do that? The top tips we’ve listed below will help you delight your customers in no time.


Let’s take a look at the top ways that you really need to implement to delight your customers in this Cyber Monday.  


It may sound obvious, but you’ve to take measures to reach out to your Amazon customers. The customer relationship path will start with the purchase, but do not end with the money you receive.  It’s something more than that.

 Let them know how much you care about them by sending a one-to-one email. Rather than going with sales, offers, or discounts, you can simply send your articles or any other content to reach them. 

On their special day, you can also let them know you remember, thank, and recognize them by reaching out for any special events or birthdays. 


According to a study,  80% of Amazon customers love to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides them a  customized experience.  

That’s great news! Keeping in touch with prospects and customers will delight them. If you personalize the entire process, you can do that more easily. 

Be familiar with some personalized information so that you can just call out the customer’s name to address them.  Keep your tone conversational.

Understanding your customer’s behavior is paramount to personalizing your messaging. 


In this digital era, people used to send messages in just text. But sending a handwritten note with a personalized message will help you to stand out and stay connected with them. 

You want your customer to know that this card is specific to them, not just the same thing you send every customer. 

It may look simple, but it creates a great impact. It will make them feel valued and build connectivity with your brand by providing a human touch. 

It helps you to express your care towards them rather than being business-minded.  

The ultimate motto is to show your appreciation for your customers and be friendly with them. Not like a seller who wants his customer to just buy from him. 


Imagine yourself as a customer. It’s the festive season.  You have purchased products from Amazon. You are about to unpack the product. And you have a surprise gift. How does it feel? 

Of course, you’ll be impressed. It’s the same psychology for Amazon customers.  Maybe a little smile in the holiday season. To earn that you don’t have to offer an expensive gift.  

Even a $10 or less coupon or freebie would be useful to give them, so they can use it towards any of your products or services.

It will reflect your appreciation towards them and create a bond. This will play a major game in your sales, particularly on Cyber Monday.


Once you develop the habit of listening to your customers, you can delight them easily. Give your customers the opportunity to share information with you. Ask reviews for them in a personalized way. Strike a conversation with them in the review box.

If you listen to them, you can frame strategies from that to boost your Amazon sales on the next Cyber Monday. Understand your customer’s needs, expectations, and pain points and align your service accordingly to impress them.     

Effective customer service is a key to a long-term relationship with customers, who may turn into loyal customers too. 

To stand out from the crowd on Cyber Monday, you need to come up with diplomatic tactics that are quite personalized which will make your customers feel delighted and impressed. 

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