Hey Amazon Sellers!! Aware of the sales you could achieve in this holiday season? I’ll tell you. In the 2020 Holiday season, Amazon alone made nearly 40% of online sales in the US market.

Do you want to achieve this rate every year? Then follow these practices.

Track your inventory and orders   :

Managing the inventory proactively is an effective strategy a seller should adopt in the busy selling seasons. Ensure you have sufficient stock of the popular products and top -selling brands, to meet the needs of your customers. Never allow ” OUT OF STOCK” to appear on your site.

Set the handling and shipping time at a range that you can achieve. Unrealistic handling times can lead to a poor buyer experience. So keep up with your words.

Ensure whether the products are listed properly on Amazon. Mismatched listings can result in increased buyer contacts, A-to-z Guarantee claims, or credit card chargebacks.

Your products must resemble the products that are represented on the product detail page.

Create a converting product detail page:  

Each category on Amazon has a slight difference in its requirements which determines how its products are displayed. Amazon’s category-specific templates will be very convenient for your reference which helps you create a concise, accurate, and compelling product detail page.

Watch your orders closely : 

Try to stay on top of orders during the holiday season. Monitor your Seller Central account frequently for orders, follow up with them and fulfill new orders daily.

Confirm shipments within a few minutes of receiving the order. Because most customers will hate the orders that are accepted late. When you confirm the orders, provide tracking numbers, carrier, shipping method, and service level.

Facilitating order tracking for the buyers plays an important role in providing the best customer service. Also, ship your orders sooner, because customers mostly prefer products that could reach them within a short span.

Create Sponsored Products to gain visibility:

During the holiday season, Amazon will become a highly competitive market when compared to other days. Of course, the holiday season will be flooded with impressive offers and products.

It can be challenging for you to make your Amazon listings stand unique in the market. Take effort to boost your ads to make them appear on the top of the search results page.

With Amazon’s advertisement program and Sponsored Products, you can bid for specific keywords so when an Amazon shopper searches for one of these keywords, your ad is eligible to display on the first page of the search results.

When you follow these steps you can effectively manage your sales on Amazon in this holiday sale without any hassle. Also, you can sell any restricted category products or top brands on Amazon with The Funnel Guru without any stress.

Our experts are here to ungate your top category products within 24 hours and any top brands within 72 hours. Also, some exciting offers are waiting for you. Utilize them; Enjoy profits.