Amazon Sellers! You can boost your holiday sales and become Amazon’s best sellers by crushing ever-growing competition.

Being ahead of the competition can seem daunting, follow the best practices outlined in this post, so that you can accelerate your sales.



More than 50% of holiday season sales will come from mobile devices. So, the first thing to do is work on creating informative headlines for mobile devices.

Amazon gives you a 250 character limit for writing product titles, try to keep your product title under 80 characters.

Remember, when writing titles, always insert your target keywords and avoid keyword stuffing, for better search rankings.


Images play a very important role in increasing sales on Amazon but many sellers ignore them when listing products.

As the seller, you need to ensure that all images of your products are self-explanatory. This helps the customer make the buying decision, which in turn, can boost your product sales.

You should also make sure that all your product images are clicked with a high resolution camera, from different angles, with a white background. It is recommended to upload 5-8 high quality images (500 × 1000 pixels).


To get high traffic for your product listings, it is a good idea to include holiday related keywords in your content.

You can research a list of keywords that are likely to drive traffic during the holiday season.

Skim through the product listing of your competitors If you find them targeted, add them to your product lists.


Add a festive touch to your product listings by creating content relevant to holiday shopping events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas.

Not only this will help you stand out from your competitors’, but it will also generate traffic that will boost your Amazon sales during the holiday season.

When writing the description, think about the USPs of your product and give 4-5 compelling reasons why customers should need to buy the product from you and not from your competitor.


You need to pay attention to pricing, as it is one of the important ranking factors that drive sales and profits.

Try to keep prices lower than those of your competitors. By doing this, you can make a huge difference in your sales volume during the holiday season.
Analyze the demand, competitors ‘ price, profit margin and other factors to fix the pricing, don’t make it too lower or too higher.


Amazon is the biggest eCommerce and is doing great sales, especially during the holidays. To take the opportunity, take advantage of the tips outlined above to increase Amazon sales for the holiday season.

Yes, the competition out there is stiff, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for online sellers to have a successful holiday season.

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