It’s no doubt that Amazon is the most dominant e-commerce marketplace. During the last quarter of 2020, Amazon generated total net sales of approximately 125.56 billion U.S. dollars.

Not only you, but every e-commerce store owner is competing with Amazon. So, how do you compete with Amazon?

Let’s take a look at the ways on how to compete with Amazon.



Amazon literally has everything for sale. They can’t be the best at everything they sell. While we utilize that has an advantage by focusing on a particular product niche.

You need to establish a brand that your customers recognize and trust. Even though Amazon is the e-commerce giant, once customers become loyal to your brand they won’t shop elsewhere.

When it comes to Amazon, it’s difficult for customers to point out the difference between one brand or another when they shop.

And, thus you need to utilize this opportunity to stand out with your brand to get that recognition. You need to find the elements that make your business better than Amazon and other competitors.


It’s no surprise that Amazon does a great job at enabling customers to buy what they need and in the most efficient way.

To compete with Amazon you need to provide such a user experience to your customers.

Nobody has the time to wait for the website or product image to load. Once your customer visits the website, you’ve hardly 5 to 10 seconds to grab their attention.

88% of people won’t return to a website after having a bad experience.

Also, you need to consider your mobile users. 79% of users have made a purchase online using their mobile device.

You need to provide customers what they’re looking for in just a click with a great search bar.

While with Amazon, it misses this great feature. If we make a search on Amazon, it will provide a random selection of products.

You can make it even better by providing the exact and relevant results when they make a search.


It’s known that Amazon is a customer-centric e-commerce giant. They’re giant. And they can’t serve each and every customer according to their needs.

Customers expect that they need to be cared for, feel exclusive, and valued, you do that. Amazon can’t provide personalized, one-on-one service, but you can.

66% of U.S Amazon users start their search on Amazon. Maybe, but that’s not the case when they land on your website.

They’ve researched, analyzed, attracted, and decided that you’re their best fit. So, do whatever effort you can to exceed their expectations.

How to do that? Read further.


There’s a reason people shop on Amazon maybe because of the price, shipping, or offers.

So what makes you unique? How can you give people a better reason to shop through your site?

You can promote exclusive offers, warranty deals, unique color variations, sizes, and more.

Amazon has a huge customer base, of course, it’s larger than yours. But with that, you can understand your customers’ needs quite better.


The most popular reason for U.S. online users to shop via Amazon was fast and free shipping.

It might work, but not for every single customer. Some people would opt for two-day home delivery for curbside pickup with an exact delivery time. While others might like the option to get it from the store.

Provide options and choices to the customer, so that they can select what suits them at a particular time.


Even though Amazon is an e-commerce giant, it’s not that you can’t attract your customers or make them loyal to your brand.

At last, customers are the top priority for every business. Keep that in mind and plan your marketing strategies, efforts and stand out not only from Amazon but also from all others.

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