Not all customer’s intention is to purchase your product. Don’t worry, you need to put some effort to attract them.

Customers who haven’t even heard of you yet and those who are already paying customers are different. You need to provide different content for your different customers

But, to do that, you’ve to be aware of the different stages of your buyer’s journey. That’s why we came with the stages of your buyer’s journey to make you better understand your customer.



Your buyer realizes that they have a certain problem. What will they do now? Of course, they head to google and start to search.

Here, they start researching to understand the problem even better but they won’t necessarily be looking for potential solutions just yet.

At this stage they may only be aware they have a problem, hence they’ll be looking for general information about the problem instead of solutions.

Now, how will you pull them to your brand? When they make a search regarding their problem, you need to appear in front of them.

To do that, you need to create content that will improve your organic search engine rankings.

You can provide educational content in blog posts, e-books & guides, whitepapers, video content, and infographics.


Now, they’ve understood the problem even better and begin looking at potential solutions to their problem.

Remember, prospects are not yet ready to buy. They still need help deciding on how to best resolve their issue.

They’re putting all their options out so that they might make the best decision possible.

Although they may be aware that your business offers a solution, they’re still evaluating the competition, comparing prices, and determining which is the best fit.

To attract them, you need to show how your product or service solves their problem compared to your competitors.


They’ve explored all available options to address their problem and are interested in purchasing a particular product or service.

Maybe yours.

They are looking for information on why they should choose your brand. Your content needs to convince buyers that your product or service is the very best available solution to address whatever need, want or pain point they have.


Customers may have made their purchase, but it’s not the end. To sustain your business in the long run, it’s crucial to make your buyers stick around.

Create content that shows you care about them beyond their conversion into customers.

Connect with your existing customers by offering gifts, promotions, discounts, etc to make them more likely to return and be loyal to you in the long run.


So, what’s next? Understanding your buyer and buyer’s journey may be quite difficult but it’s essential to any business.

Whatever business you run, whether you’re selling on your own website or marketplaces like Amazon, it’s important to know your audience.

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